Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Last one

Well today we went on our hike. And what was supposed to last like one hour ended up being four hours because we got lost. We never saw any waterfall. Everybody was exhausted. It was crazy hahaha we went through bush and jungle and tall grass and it was like over the river and through the woods to where??...BUT I loved it and I was grateful for it. Man it was fun. I love to hike! I love Fiji. It is seriously gorgeous. My pictures don't do it justice. 
I am catching the bus to go to Suva tomorrow for my departing dinner and testimony meeting, etc. Man. MASI'I.. It doesn't seem real. It hasn't hit me yet. 
This last week was good. I did not let us stop working. Maybe we didn't go crazy and get a billion lessons, but we worked. I completely forgot about Thanksgiving. Nobody celebrates that here. But, we organized and made happen a ward baptism that would not have been possible without us. It seriously wouldn't have happened, it was pretty stressful for me to make sure it all went smoothly haha. I'll tell you the full story when I get home. The kid is named Damien Sami, (ADORABLE little Indian guy), and his mom is one of our returning members (been less active, but coming back). As we have been teaching him the lessons, we have been teaching her as well. She has come a long way. She gave a talk in Sacrament meeting on Sunday. And wow, church was awesome this Sunday. I wore my new sulu-jaba :D (traditional Fijian skirt/top combination). And we have been trying to teach a family for the past month that I have been here, and they have been iffy. But this week they became solid. They came to church, and they loved it! They discovered that they knew some people there already. Also, I'm sure it helped that I spoke haha. Man it was crazy. And then after the meeting was over, they had me come up to the front, and then everyone stood and sang the traditional farewell song, Isa Isa. Wow that was an experience. Very powerful. And afterwards everyone came and hugged me and cried and were giving me advice for the future and telling me that I had better come back. One memorable goodbye was with Brother Tuwai. I haven't exactly had enough time to get to know him properly, but he came to me and told me that no matter where I go in the world, I will have family here in Fiji. And he told me that in his life, he has had only one goal that is the most important to him. And that is for his children to all serve missions. I like that. I think I'll make that one of my goals. All of my children will serve missions. If at all possible. 
I am going to miss this place. It hasn't hit me that I am leaving yet. This beautiful island has become my home. This beautiful people has become my family. They are my people. 
Mark my words, I will return.
This is where I learned who I am. This is where I learned who God is to me. This is where I learned where I need to go, and what I need to do to get there. What a blessing it has been in my life to be a missionary. 
I apologize to all of the people that wrote me on my mission that I never managed to respond to. I just am a lousy writer of letters. I didn't write my family for five months, that's how much of a loser I was in regards to that. Sorry. 
KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU ALL. More than before. 
Au vakavinavinakataka na noqu kaulotu sara. Noqu kaulotu vakaveisautaka na noqu bula. Au na misstaka na vanua totoka i Viti. Au na lesu tale mai. Loloma levu. 


Paul M said...

I have so loved reading your letters (posts). What a great experience this has been. You have done it right. The mission is in you and is there to stay. I look forward to seeing you in institute.
Bishop Manwaring

Jenni said...

I can't wait to see your sweet face. I want to come and hear you speak. Please keep me posted. I love you tons.