Monday, November 3, 2014


Sorry no long one last week, I had to rush and take my companion to the hospital. She was having a severe headache that brought tears to her eyes, the poor dear. And after that, it never went away. All. Week. Long. So we spent a LONG time getting to know each other in the flat, but hey now I can say that I know this girl better than her own mother hahaha. And I love her. Her name is Sister Siale and she is from Tonga. She is 21 years old and probably a foot taller than me. She is awesome. She has had a really hard nine months. She has a little bit of a bad rep around the mission. But I am so grateful that I was given this chance to be her companion, so that I could get to know who she truly is, and come to love her like I have. She is so strong. She has a beautiful testimony. I know she will do great things, but she just needs to be given the chance. When I prayed for a challenge, I specifically prayed that I would be sent to a companion that needs me. Someone who I could help in some way. Because six weeks is hardly enough time to make a huge impact on an area, but it is enough time to make a big impact on a person. Plus that's where my skills are best utilized, with people (companions). So this was my desire. And I know that the Lord answered my prayer. But it hasn't been a trial or a burden. It has been a privilege.
On Sunday I bore my testimony in Fast and Testimony Meeting. I have been doing so for the past eight or so months, because I realized that I needed to take advantage of every opportunity to bear my testimony while I am still here in Fiji. When I was doing so, I realized that this would be my last Fast and Testimony Meeting in Fiji. And I was overcome with feelings of gratitude and love, for these people. For this gospel. For my Savior Jesus Christ. I bore testimony on many things, but one of the things that I focused on was repentance, and the Atonement. These are some things that I have really become familiar with on this mission. And how grateful I am for that. The person that I am now is so completely different from the person that I was before. The scripture that I put on my plaque back home was Alma 26:16. It ends with the statement: "Behold...I cannot say the smallest part which I feel." Referring to my testimony. I always felt that I did not have the words to be able to describe the way that I felt about the gospel. Being on a mission has helped me to learn how to put my feelings to words, but at the same time, my testimony has grown so much stronger and more deep. Before it was shallow, but now it has great depths. And despite the fact that I am much better at bearing it and describing the love I have for my Savior, I still cannot say the smallest part which I feel, because of how much my testimony has grown. I have changed. I am so grateful for my Savior, who has brought about this change in me. I love him so much. 
This gospel is truly good news, and it can bring us so much joy. I can tell you that I have never been happier in my whole life, than I have been on this mission. It has been so hard, but it has taught me so much. As I am reaching the end, I am finding myself wishing that I could extend. Haha but it's far too late for that. Maaaaaan. 
The mission is not about numbers. It is not about how well you know the language. It is not about how well you know the area. It is not about the leadership positions that you have had. It's not about how many new missionaries you have trained. It is about the inward changes that you have been able to make, and your personal relationship with your Savior Jesus Christ. These changes and this closeness with Him will obviously come faster as you work with obedience and diligence and serve with all your heart might mind and strength. But in the end, if you feel like you haven't accomplished much because of the outward results, but your insides are much shinier and more clean, then guess what you're wrong. You have accomplished exactly what you were meant to. Congratulations :) Feel happy. Be happy. The message of the Restoration is a message of joy. 
I'm on a weird spiritual high, so please forgive me if I sound cheesy. 
I love you all,
take care,
loloma levu,
Sister Wright
the Fijian Palangi. 

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