Monday, November 24, 2014

A picture and a testimony

When President set up the camera, he specifically singled me out and said, "Now Sister Wright, no flashing gang signs in this one." Hahahahahahaha I felt special.
Well this week was a good one. I got to go on exchanges with one of my buddies, who happens to be the Sister Training Leader over here in the West. Remember Sister Mauga? We served here in Lautoka in the same district about a year ago. Wow she is awesome. I love her so much. We were able to really talk about all of the things that we had learned since coming on the mission. We talked about the kind of people that we were before, and we talked about the kind of people that we want to become. Oh man, the past is something I want to leave behind, and the future is something that is simply a little scary. But I know it will be ok. She helped me with that! I am grateful for the friends that I have been able to make out here. I never would have met them if I had never gone on a mission. Sister Mauga is a Samoan from New Zealand. There's no way I ever would have met her if I had never served here in Fiji. The Lord takes people that need to meet each other, and He places them in each others' path. 
I feel so brain dead right now. Nothing creative or inspiring to write. Except my testimony. I know that this work is perfect. It is so efficient, in the way it blesses the lives of those who are serving and those who are being served. Each person's life is touched. My mind is continually blown by how the mission is set up to teach the missionaries every necessary life-skill that a person could ever need, and at the same time invite others to come unto Christ. The Lord is so amazing. His work is truly divine. It was not organized by man. It couldn't have been. The Church is the same as well. Completely incredible. And true, even though sometimes the people within it are not exactly perfect. But as they participate within it and allow it to change them, they get a lot closer! I know that this gospel is true. I know that God is our Father, and that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to come and die for all of us. And Christ did it willingly because of his love for God and all mankind. How grateful I am for him and his Atonement! How grateful I am for the privilege of repentance. Repentance is a gift. It is a priceless gift. I know that it is real and that it is possible. And you know what, I love the Book of Mormon. It is my favorite book. Everybody read it!
Basically, I don't know much. But I do know that I did not waste my time out here. I do know that I love these people with all of my soul. I do know that this gospel is the theme for my lifetime. It is now.
AH parting is such sweet sorrow.
If I don't email next week, it is because we went hiking up to some waterfalls. I haven't done that my ENTIRE mission. Why not on my very last p-day? Haha
Love yous,
Sister Wright

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