Monday, October 13, 2014

Holy goals!

Hello friends neighbors and countrymen. How are we doing? I think we're doing mighty fine, but that's just my opinion.
Let me just start by saying that I love my companion. What a blessing she has been for me. Like I said last time, she's only a little bit younger than me in the mission. I leave in December, she leaves in January. So I don't have to try to teach her anything about being a missionary, which is SUCH a relief. She is an answer to my prayers. Back when I was still training my youngest, I felt myself slowly getting trunkier and lazier and losing my umph and feeling generally bleh. I prayed for help. I prayed for a senior companion. Which was an impossible request, since I am pretty much in the oldest intake of sisters in the entire mission. But the Lord sent me Sister Mataoa, and she has been able to help me get back into the game. She has helped me become more obedient, more diligent, and more receptive to the Spirit than I have been in a long time. And not in a compelling kind of way. She has simply been my friend and made me want to be better. In addition to that, she has helped me with a few of my issues. I can be more honest with her and open with my feelings than I have been in a long time. Maybe because she is from Tahiti. I get along well with Tahitians. But anyway, I love her, and she has been a real blessing to me, even though I was the one who was meant to help her. It's funny how these things tend to work out haha.
But as wonderful as everything has been lately, I have also been feeling the countdown. I am on my last planner. This is ridiculous. Am I excited to go home, of course, but at the same time, I want to serve in these last 6 weeks to the best of my ability. So you know what I've been praying for? A mountain to climb. Ever heard that talk by President Eyring, called Mountains to Climb? He prayed for a challenge. And then one of the hardest difficulties he had ever experienced occurred. But amn did he learn a lot from it. I also, have learned so much from every challenge I have gone through, and looking back, I am grateful for them. Well, seeing as how I only have a little bit of time left, and seeing as how everything right now is just far too easy, I have been praying for a challenge. I mean, I'm CONTENT for the first time in how many months! I'm not as worried as usual. I'm happier. I have been strengthened, and am therefore ready for a challenge. The challenge I have in mind is a companion that needs some help. Someone who is struggling and needs some rehabilitation. This is what I have in mind, but of course, the Lord may have something else. It's up to Him. 
I know it's weird, but hear my reasoning. Right now I am coasting. Coasting on a spiritual high, yes, but still coasting. I want to sprint the finish. I want to have no energy when I get home. You know? Does it make sense? So. There you have it. Interpret it in any way you want.
I loved General Conference. To me, it focused a lot on avoiding personal apostasy. Like Lynn G. Robbins said, "Lowering the Lord's standards to the level of society's standards is apostasy." From what I hear, this is happening a lot in the church right now. To me it means that the Second Coming is well on it's way. Prepare yourselves, my friends. In order to help us avoid this personal apostasy, a lot of things were repeated again and again, like taking the sacrament seriously and sustaining the prophet and avoiding anti-Mormon literature (rip-tides). I loved it. 
As usual, I watched with a question in mind. What should I do with my future? Way too open ended of a question. As conference was progressing, I felt as if I wasn't getting my answer, but when they started talking about personal revelation, I changed my attitude. Then, after conference, I made a list. At the top, I wrote my question. I titled the list General Conference For Me: What I got out of general conference. Here's that list (kind of a list of goals for when I get home):
  • Take the sacrament seriously. Use it as a weekly personal assessment.
  • Continue to use the Atonement in my life (repentance). Learn to use it daily. 
  • Lift my personal standards to meet the Lord's.
  • Help others, both temporally and spiritually. 
  • Do not be easily offended; forgive easily every time, and give others the benefit of the doubt--LOVE ALL. 
  • Record my own testimony at the end of my mission and listen to it frequently, as a reminder of how strong it was at this point of my life----> to me this is an awesome idea.
  • Pray always. CONVERSE with the Lord.
  • Use time wisely. Try not to be bored.
  • Take care of my physical body: diet, exercise, personal grooming.
  • See every challenge as a blessing.
  • Serve others. Lift the downtrodden. Pay a generous fast offering.
  • Prepare myself to be an excellent mother.
  • Seek personal revelation. Learn the many ways the Lord speaks to me.
  • Sustain my leaders--no evil-speaking of them or criticism. 
  • Have daily scriptural feasts.
  • Go to the temple weekly AT LEAST.
  • Actively participate in Family Home Evening. 
  • Work towards the promised blessings in my patriarchal blessing.
  • Talk with my family about my goals/vision.
  • Be willing to change/repent QUICKLY.
  • Do genealogy. Take family names to the temple.
  • Keep a journal.
  • Share the gospel.
Family, hold me to these things, k? I'll need your help. It's ALOT. But it's doable.
Anyway, Errol is getting baptized this Saturday! This is great. He came to both days of General Conference. He loved it. What an awesome little old man he is. I am grateful for him. Should be a great week :)
Love you people. Rock on.
Sister Wright

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