Sunday, September 21, 2014

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Howdy howdy howdy. You know, oftentimes people ask my companions how to say hello in their native languages. Sister Mataoa, who is from Tahiti, says Iaorana (Tahitian) or Salut (French). Sister Uoka would say Talofa (Tuvaluan). Sister Uate would say Malo leilei (Tongan). Sister Eneri would say Maori (Kiribati). Sister Kumar would say Namaste (Hindi). Sister Aoina would also say Talofa, because it's the same in Tuvaluan and Samoan. And Sister Bechu, of course, would say Bula. Because that's Fiji. But me? I tell them that back home we say howdy.
This week was a week full of fall throughs and baptism-postponements and oh yeah the Fiji National Election results are in and Bainimarama is still in power (this was sort of big because there haven't been any elections since 2000 when there was that coup and so many people died and whatnot and Bainimarama had been a military dictator of sorts since then, but at least now he was made Prime Minister in a more honest way, by the voice of the people). Also, I got a 24 hour bug that about killed me. Seriously, my fever was about 104. I had trouble walking in a straight line. But because I am a better missionary now than I was two weeks ago, we went out proselyting anyway. That was dumb, because no one was home anyway. So many fall throughs, and I definitely got more sick than I would have if I had just stayed in. Last night I took so many drugs that I was sure that I was going to overdose and not wake up in the morning. I was also delirious because of the fever, so I really believed it. I was praying so hard haha please don't let me die. I have so many things left to do in my life! Luckily Heavenly Father answered that prayer in a positive way. I am alive and I am not any more brain-damaged than I was before I took all those meds haha. Also, I am feeling better. When it comes to the baptism postponements, I am ok with them. The people we were working with to be baptized this Saturday are simply not ready. They are wonderful, and they will be ready at some point. Just not yet.
Let me just tell you about one of them. His name is Errol Whippy. He is in his 50's. The elders had been teaching him before. In fact many sets of missionaries had taught him. He just had a hard time retaining what they had taught. He's a sweet, simple little man. He had a stroke at one point, so his right arm does not work. He's also a bit slow. But he comes to church EVERY Sunday. And as long as we give him little scriptures to read as his commitments, he will always read them. We teach him like he is a small kid, but he loves it. He loves this gospel. And he is so excited to get baptized. However, we were pushing him too hard for the 27th. And he just didn't understand the principles like he needed to in order to be prepared for baptism. So we were humbled a bit when we found out that he had been drinking tea this whole time, even though we had taught him the Word of Wisdom two weeks ago. He wasn't blatantly disobeying. He just didn't understand it properly. So we rescheduled his baptism for the 18th of October. This was a lesson for both of us. We cannot put our investigators on our own schedule. It has to be in the Lord's timing, not ours. The 18th of October will be a great day, because we have another investigator, a 9-year-old son of a less-active, who will also be getting baptized that day. And then we have more baptisms scheduled for the 25th of October as well. Man. We have been busy. But it feels good. Haha I have no time to be trunky, or sick. Too many people to see! It's a blessing.
Today we are going to start teaching another family, the Brown family, as well as a referral that came all the way from Salt Lake! Sister Taito, who I previously mentioned, has a daughter named Grace who is currently serving in Temple square. They do a lot of their teaching through the phone, it's way cool. Well Sister Taito (Grace) had been teaching this one gentleman from Fiji, and as luck would have it, he lives in Caubati (that's in Nasinu)! So she set a baptismal date with him for the 25th of October, and then she called us directly from Salt Lake to give us the referral.  What an awesome surprise! It will be interesting to meet him, someone who was taught entirely on the phone.
I'm feeling good, no worries. I will work hard until the end. Thank you for your support and encouragement. LOVE YOUS :)
Shoutout to my cousin Nick who will be serving in New Zealand starting in Jan! Looks like those who sprang forth from the Wright clan are meant to serve in the Pacific :) This makes me really happy and proud. Love you cuz! Email me!
Sister Wright

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