Monday, August 25, 2014


So Kelera did not get baptized. We made the mistake of scheduling her baptism the week that her husband got back from Syria (he's a soldier). Everything seemed like it was going to work out, but then it didn't. They went on a last minute trip to the West. Kelera was really upset, she really wanted to be baptized. So we let her know that it was ok, we can postpone the thing. What is a few days compared to eternity? So it should be happening on Wednesday. Around here, everyone has investigators that run away before their baptisms. We were fortunate because at least she's coming back. At least her baptism is still going to happen. Fingers crossed, heads bowed in prayer. 
Our other investigators are slowly progressing.  We just keep on keeping on!  Um not much more to say. I'm in a bit of a slump but I still have a testimony, so that's good.   
Love you people, 

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