Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bad habits

Ilivasi Raiqisa made this. He was my third baptism. He's Young Men's president in Suva 1st now and is preparing for a mission. Heck yeah!

Some bad habits I've picked up since I came to Fiji 14 months ago: 
  1. Picking my nose in public. It isn't a weird thing around here...
  2. Eating with my fingers. Everything, including noodles and rice and soup... And also picking the bones clean. Chicken, fish, you name it. Honestly, I don't know how to eat fish without using my fingers...
  3. Sitting on the ground crosslegged ALWAYS. I have calluses on the outsides of my feet from sitting on too many concrete floors crosslegged for HOURS. And I don't mind it. I have a hard time sitting on chairs...
  4. Saying eh at the end of every sentence. AND I DIDN'T EVEN SERVE IN CANADA. 
  5. Responding to people with my eyebrows. It's the other language that I've learned while I've been here...
  6. Avoiding seriously, I have an irrational fear of white people now. A group of HEFY kids came to Nasinu for church and I had to hide.
  7. Calling people to a nice way! Haha. 
Help me out with these when I get back home, people...or at least be patient with me. I'm definitely going to be that awkward RM. Definitely.
In other news, we had another great week this week. Got a few referrals, praise the Lord. That's pretty big, because it shows that the ward is progressing too. They haven't always been super into missionary work, but lately we've been seeing a big change. We are not going hungry for investigators like we were before. So that's one blessing that I've been thanking the Lord for. (Your prayers have been working!) Hopefully they end up being as golden as our favorite lady Kelera. You know, she has also been giving us referrals. She really wants her family members to join the church too. And she wants her own family to get sealed in the temple. I wish I could come back to Fiji to be there for that.
Transfers happened. And I am leaving Nasinu. JOKES, I'm still here and I will most likely die here. And that's ok with me. But some of my favorites got transferred, namely Elder Tafuna'i (our district leader) (he's zone leader of the North now, companions with the well-renowned Elder Heninger) (holla) and Elder Walls (seriously one of my brothers) (mom and dad I gave him your email, he'll probably be emailing you for the rest of his mission), Sister Trammel and Sister Rich (my two palagi sisters), along with a bunch of others. I'll miss them! I'll miss Elder Ishibashi, the favorite Zone Leader (as opposed to the dingbat ZL Elder jokes) because HE IS GOING HOME TO HAWAII. So weird. Shoutout to all former FSMissionaries. If they ever read this blog...
Guess what else. My mom, Sister Bechu, is getting married in September. I'm way happy for her! Not only that, she is marrying an FSM alumni. And my dad, Sister Aoina, is already married! She married another FSM alumni, and is living in Fiji now as a civilian. This is within a year of them getting home, and in fact within six months. HOW do I feel about this? Haha. Happy for them. Way to get working on the second mission right away! My counsel for them: God's first commandment is still in full force; multiply and replenish!
How about you people, how have you been?
Sister Wright

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