Monday, July 14, 2014

A couple of miracles

Sister Wright with all her "daughters" (Sister Eneri, Sister Uoka, and Sister Uate) - the sisters that she has trained.

This is Elder Jack.  I'm not sure why they traded sandals.  

 Sister Uoka, Sister Wright, Sister Eneri
Sister Eneri, Sister Wright, Sister Uoka

Ok well there went another week holy cow they go by so fast! It was a good week. Let me tell you a story:
So we have been teaching Kelera, President Wakolo's niece for approximately two-ish weeks now. We taught her the first lesson and asked her to be baptized and to read and pray about the BOM. She said yes, she would be baptized, but that wasn't necessarily because she had received any definite answer from above. So we still wanted her to pray about it. And that night she was reading the BOM when she slipped off to sleep. As she slept she had a dream, or a "vision", as she called it. And in that vision she saw Sister Taito, the member who had been fellowshipping her, sitting on the foot of her bed. Sister Taito was holding the BOM, testifying of the truthfulness of it with tears streaming down her face. Not only that, but there seemed to be a light coming off of her, like she was glowing. And Kelera said that in that dream she experienced the best peace and happiness than she had ever felt before. She called Sister Taito and told her about it the next day. Sister Taito said to her that this was her answer. And Kelera knew it. Now she is 100% committed to being baptized on the 26th of this month, and not only that, but she is determined for her son and her husband to join her haha. She is so good. And you know what? She is not a bit attached to the missionaries. She doesn't need us to hold her hand when we go to church. She has no trouble socializing with everyone. I foresee her being given a calling within months of her baptism haha. She's so great! And Sister Taito, who is also her cousin, has been such a blessing to us. Oftentimes we just let her teach the lesson, and all we do is testify! Which was a little disconcerting at first, but now I realize that it is for the better, because this is one of the reasons that she is becoming a part of the ward so naturally. She feels comfortable with the members! Anyway, she has been a real blessing for us, and a testimony builder to me. Missionary work is slow until we find the ones that have been prepared. But the Lord will always lead us to them. Always. It may take time, but it will happen. Amen.
Another story: There was a couple that we were really close to in Lautoka. The wife was a recent convert that was originally Muslim. SO I was really praying for an opportunity to get in contact with them and ask her for advice, but unfortunately I had not written down their information before I left Lautoka. But then one day me and Sister Uoka sat down to rest on the side of the road, and suddenly BAM there they were, the fabulous Reddy's! It made no sense that they were there, tooting along in their little rental car, and we had never stopped to rest at this particular spot until that day at that time haha. God answers prayers! So we will be exchanging notes and I will probably  just give Brother Ali their email address so that he can ask them questions directly. Yay for that :D because there aren't very many Muslim converts, so there isn't anyone here in Suva that I know of that could help us out with this. But there was one in Lautoka. And God sent her to me when I needed her haha. So cool.

Training is so hard. That's all I'm going to say about that. I think it must be like raising teenagers, and now I am experiencing this haha. BUT I love her and I am grateful for the things I am learning. Like patience. SO MUCH PATIENCE haha.
Hope you all are doing well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK ADAM WRIGHT. Wish I could be there. Love you tons and a million haha. Keep being awesome like you are. Can't wait to see you in approx. four months. AH SO SOON.
SHOUTOUT TO MY BRO NYAL. If he ever reads this freaking blog. Good luck with all of your adventures that are coming up. Bolivia won't know what hit them.
Love you people.
Sister Wright

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