Sunday, June 15, 2014

Training again…and pictures!

Suva Zone Conference 
(notice the white bandage on Sister Wright's poor face…stupid boil!)

Sister Wright and Sister Uate
Just frying a little fish that she bought from some guy on a street corner - 12 for $10, what a deal!
Well, she might get boils, but Look At That Hair!!!

My people.
grateful for your continued support and counsel. You are my favorite
dad and that ain't ever gonna change.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SAMMY BOY! You are 14 years old! Watch out, stake
dances!!! :)))
HAPPY GRADUATION MY ADAM BROTHER! I am so sad I missed that. But I am
proud of you and I love you and I'll be there at your graduation from
SUU, no worries :)))
Haha :) A lot has changed since I last corresponded with you.
The biggest thing? Companionship change. Guess what.
I'm expecting! Haha training again. Sister Uate, my beloved son, is
getting transferred to my old stomping grounds, Suva 1st. She is so
not looking forward to it, which slightly irritates me. I keep telling
her to chill, it's actually a pretty great place. But she says that
the main cause of her angst is the fact that she'll no longer be
companions with me. I guess I'm pretty cool or something. Haha I love
Sister Uate and I will miss her, but she won't be far. I'll see her
every Monday and also Tuesdays (District Meeting) because she's in my
district, so yeah. I'll be able to keep an eye on her haha. When it
comes to my new companion, I was able to figure some things out by
simple observation. You see, I am the only one that was called to
train in this particular transfer. No elders, and no other sisters.
Just me. So this means that there is only one sister coming in.
Clearly, this is not an intake from Provo, because there are always at
least four. So this sister must be coming from the New Zealand MTC.
Which means one of two things: 1) she is a Fijian speaker, called to
serve in Fiji (people go to New Zealand MTC when they need to polish
up their English or they don't need to learn a language), or B) she is
some sort of visa-waiter, someone called to serve in Australia or
Vanuatu or Papua New Guinea (all places that do not hand out visas
easily) (she'll serve here for three months until she gets her visa,
and then they'll ship her out). Either way, she probably speaks
Fijian, so that's a plus for me. I can polish mine. It's been awhile
since I really spoke it. Suva does that to you. But anyway, I guess
President thinks I'm a good parent or something, because this is my
third child. Sister Eneri, Sister Uate, and the
mystery-most-likely-Fijian sister. We are a happy family. And all of
us are in the same zone. Crazy.
Something else that happened this week: we are starting to teach a
Muslim family. That doesn't occur very often, and I am grateful for
the opportunity. This is how it happened: Mohammed Ali is a taxi
driver, not a boxer. He recently had a heart attack. He felt that he
needed to get his life in order. He had never even heard anything
about the LDS church, but he felt something drawing him to Samabula,
where the temple is. He ended up going to the mission office, and
asked if he could be baptized. They were like whoa whoa whoa, slow
down. Where do you live, we'll send the missionaries your way. And so,
we received this lovely referral. And now we are teaching a Muslim
family. They aren't hard core Muslim, but still. This will be a big
adjustment for them. I am excited to be a part of it. I have always
been fascinated by the Muslim religion. You know, it's easier for them
to understand Christianity than the Hindus, because they believe in a
lot of our prophets, and they believe that Christ is only a prophet.
But at least they have a basic understanding of Him. In Hinduism, they
believe in dozens and dozens of gods, and not one of them is Jesus
Christ. So it's a bit harder to teach them. Anyway, stay tuned for
that one. I'm grateful that we have a new family that seems slightly
golden, because it will be a good experience for my greenie. Also, I
have always wanted to teach and baptize a family. Also, we need some
more priesthood holders in our ward. So Mohammed is a good candidate.
Of course, like they say, don't count your eggs before they've been
laid, or your chickens before they've hatched. But I have faith. And
when we went to visit them, the Spirit was definitely strong. Haha I
feel like a Jedi- "The force is strong with this one." But the Spirit
is infinitely more powerful than the force. Booyah.
Among other things, I bought myself a fancy new watch. My other one
got destroyed about five months ago, and I went without. But now I
have a new one, and it has three different colored lights and an alarm
and it is both digital AND what do you call the other option? analog?
and it is waterproof. Also it was only thirty bucks, or fifteen
American dollars. So I am happy about that.
What else?
Oh I cut my own hair. Can't tell if it is a bad cut or not because
it's curly, so whatever. Don't worry, it's not short. Just a trim and
some bangs (long ones, more like layers than bangs). The bangs were on
accident but they look good so whatever.
Honestly, it doesn't matter what I look like right now. (I mean it
does, but not really.)  Mama, you're going to have fun making me look
halfway decent before I go to school in Jan.
Anyway, I love you all so much. You really make me happy :)
Your Sister Wright

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