Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Bula vinaka home-boys and girls.
Um this week...well the most happiest thing I want to talk about it the reactivation of this family. The Bali family. They are the ones that Una has been staying with. The mom and dad are both RM's, the mom served in New Zealand and the dad served here in Fiji. They have three adorable kids, ages 7, 5, and 3.  In the past the missionaries here would come and visit specifically for the Bali family, and they sort of ignored Una. Well we switched things up a little bit. We sort of ignored the family (because they needed to come back on their own) but were still over there constantly because we were teaching Una. Brother and Sister Bali saw what was going on. Their hearts were stirred with memories from their own missions. And they basically decided on their own to become more involved in Una's conversion. They started coming back to church. Una really encouraged them. It was lovely. This Monday, we decided to have FHE with them. I took the lesson. I decided to have it be all about setting goals as a family. I talked about how it is important to have a vision of what they want their lives to be like, what they want their eternities to be like. I talked to them about how the temple would be closing in October for a full year for renovation. Getting themselves sealed before it closes would be a really awesome goal. But I told them that they need to focus on small daily goals and weekly goals in order to make that big goal a reality. Like it says, by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Every choice counts. So, we helped them set some daily and weekly goals. Ones that are not too overwhelming. Daily family prayer and scripture study. Weekly church attendance and Family Home Evening. These things will help them to make it to the temple before October. It's totally possible. And they have been doing it. They shared with us that it has been really slow going with reading one chapter from the Book of Mormon a day, because the kids are small, but they are seeing how their reading skills are already improving, even after just one week. Made me think of back when we were still small, and we would read the Book of Mormon together as a family. SO TEDIOUS sometimes, but definitely worth it. Help them make a habit of it while they are still young, and it will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Haha and then the dad shared how when he was a Zone Leader here in Fiji, it was always the sisters that helped straighten them out when they weren't being super obedient or super diligent. He said, "Now it's just like old times!" Haha they are so great. We love to talk to them about their missions. We've grown really close to them, and honestly I am just as happy about their reactivation as I am about Una's baptism. Reactivation is just as important. These people's souls are just as precious to the Lord as any others. And if they make it to the temple, wow! This work makes me happy :)
SO my challenge to all of you is to go out and visit less-actives in your wards! Get to know them, get to love them, show them that love, help them understand that it doesn't matter how far they have fallen, the Lord will always help them get back up. His arm is continually outstretched :) I love that visual! 
When I grow up and get married to my RM husband, we are so going to go out and do missionary work. We will be unstoppable. I like that visual too haha. 
Love you all lots and lots :) 
Sister Wright

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