Sunday, June 1, 2014

Just call me Job: part two

Hi my boil is fine, folks. Ok enough about that, let's talk about Una!
She got baptized! Yay for Una! It was a really great baptism. All four
of the Nasinu 1st elders showed up, as well as our beloved Zone
Leaders. Actually they all showed up long before the baptism was
supposed to start. So we all sat in a circle and sang hymns, Una
included. It was beautiful and the Spirit was strong. Music is
powerful. Then, for the first time ever, a bunch of people showed up!
The room was filled! That is unheard of for Nasinu 2nd! Una was so
happy and there were tears in her eyes as she listened to the talks,
and our musical number. Yes, the missionaries sang a musical number.
That's why we all showed up early, to practice. We sang Oh Love that
Glorifies the Son (hymn 295) using a Tongan hymn's melody. It was
powerful. I'll have to teach you guys that one when I get back. Then,
she was baptized. When she came out of the water, she was glowing, and
completely speechless. That's what I like to see :) I asked her, "Can
you feel how happy Heavenly Father is for you?" and she said, "Yes.
Yes, I can feel it." Ah I love her. I could feel how happy Heavenly
Father was too. He was very very happy :) Then on Sunday she was
confirmed, and right away we took her out proselyting with us. We have
been taking her proselyting with us before, but now she is a member.
Now she has the Gift of the Holy Ghost. And she could feel it. We went
and found an investigator that we had started to teach, but who had
gone awol. Una shared her conversion story with them and the Spirit
was so strong. After the lesson, she was just freaking out over how
wonderful it feels to be a missionary. I felt like a proud parent. She
can't wait to be able to go on a mission herself. She is already
planning on going to Institute and Mission Prep classes. And she is
working really hard to reactivate the family that she is currently
living with, the Bali family, her cousin's family. Tonight we have
Family Home Evening with them.
Basically, I am happy. God is good.
Oh yeah, I'm also a year out now. Completely forgot about that for a
second there haha. It's super weird to think about. And I'm starting
to feel that feeling that I've heard about, the one that is wistful
and bittersweet. Six months goes by so fast! I am going to miss Fiji
so much. Leaving is going to be really hard. I never thought that I
would be one of those ones that isn't ready to leave when it's time to
leave, but I'm starting to feel that I may be exactly that. But. It's
not time to leave yet. It's time to work. It's time to make the most
of the six months I have left. Emeni.
Love you all so so much! :)
I really love you people. I am sorry for being a cause of much worry.
I hate that. I'll try to be better.
Take care of yourselves.
Sister Wright

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