Sunday, June 1, 2014

Just call me Job: part one

Hello family.
So I got a boil on my face.  My entire left side of my face completely swelled
up. My eye and my neck were even swollen. Remember Fat Booth on the
iPad? I had no need for that. I looked like the most hideous lopsided
chipmunk. It was like I had a tumor or some other kind of strange
growth. And it hurt like Hades. But anyway, the day
after the funeral is when this all went down. And it was so painful
that I couldn't see straight and it hurt every time I took a step
because the thing would jiggle haha. Needless to say, we stayed in the
flat for awhile. I took a lot of ibuprofen and Sister Limburg gave me
some antibiotics and told me to just wait it out, because going to the
hospital would be pointless. I tried to have a good attitude about it.
We took a lot of silly pictures. I drew some pretty sweet cartoons of
myself and enclosed them in a couple of letters I was writing to some
missionary friends. But despite all of this unfortunate business, we
still managed to get Una interviewed for her baptism next week (this
week Saturday). Satan can mar my visage as much as he wants, but I
will not let that stop me from doing the Lord's work. Gosh dang it.
Finally on Sunday night I decided that I couldn't take it anymore. I
was going to do what all of the locals had been telling me to do. I
was going to use Island medicine. Sister Uate was a huge promoter of
it. I had only heard of positive results. And they were very specific
about which leaves to use (chile leaves and bele leaves). What did I
have to lose? (Besides my life, but I had gotten pretty desperate ok.)
So Sister Uate, being the good nurse that she is, found some chile
leaves, rolled them around in her hands until they were about the
consistency of a paste, squeezed the juice into the head of the boil,
and then covered it with a chile leaf. Within twenty minutes the
swelling, which had lasted three days, was going down. The leaf juice
was drawing out the infection. Later we used the bele leaf in the
same way and the results were even faster. Now, the swelling is
basically gone. The boil is still fighting to survive, but I can tell
that it is fighting a losing battle.
I've been walking around with a fat bandage on my face, to protect 
the innocent public from seeing something shocking
and gruesome. So now I get even more stares than usual! And I get a
lot of stares. It's like no one has ever seen a white chick before.
Anyway, this week we have a baptism to look forward to. The lovely
Una. And she is planning on serving a mission! I love her and am so
proud of her. I am excited to see what her future has in store. If she
stays faithful, it will only keep getting better. Also, although this
past week proved to be an unsuccessful one missionary-work-wise, we
did manage to contact a former investigator that had gone awol for
awhile and possibly pick up another one that we had dropped before.
Not new investigators, per say, but still we will take what we can
get. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers!
Also, SISTER ENERI IS HERE!!! Oh man was it good to see her! I
honestly love her. Like real true love. She is precious to me. I plan
to go and visit her in Kiribati or maybe in Hawaii if she goes to
BYU-H. And she loves me too. She is so loyal to me, it is so
endearing. Ah. I wish we could go back in time to when we were serving
together in Lautoka. Back when the sun shined with a greater intensity
(that's just how it is in the West). Here it is just so much more
gloomy. But. It is still good and I am grateful to be here. I have
learned so much. Like I learned what the point of the mission is. It
is to learn how to love. To really love. Charity is what it's all
about. It's true, rules and the like are important. Numbers are
important because performance measured and then reported is
performance improved (or whatever the quote is). But the most
important thing to learn on the mission is to love. Like Shakespeare
has said: "They do not love that do not show their love." Or in other
words, love without works is dead. It's just like faith! If you love
someone, do something about it. If you love someone, serve them. I
believe that with all of my heart. And although I am not perfect in
this, I am working on it. Not only have I learned this lesson, I
believe that my capacity to love has also grown. Grown to envelope an
entire island nation.
Haha I'm such a sap.

AH I love you people. Thank you for always making me so happy. I am so
totally blessed to have you in my life. So blessed to have you as my
family. I have the best family in the world!

Forgive me for being a punk last week. I knew right after I sent that
email that I was making a big mistake. But the ZL's were like "Sister
Wright, can you please stop being the problem and try being the
solution for once?" We have a great relationship haha.

Love you.
Sister Wright

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