Monday, June 23, 2014

How to teach Christianity to a Muslim?

Well hello family. Let me just tell you about my new companion. Her name is Sister Uoka (pronounced Waka) from Tuvalu. I was right about her being from the New Zealand MTC, and about her being a visa waiter. I'm so smart! She was actually called to serve in the Australia Brisbane Mission, but has yet to receive her visa. I'm happy to have her. She has already taught me a lot. She was baptized a little over a year ago by our FSM alumnus, Elder Taylor Smith. She is very quiet and has a hard time talking to anyone, so that has been a challenge. But I feel confident that by the time she goes to Australia she will have more confidence in herself. That's one thing that I really enjoy doing--helping others gain confidence in themselves. I look forward to the weeks that I get to spend training her. Seeing your greenies blossom is just oh-so satisfying. 
Let me also tell you about the Muslim family that we have been teaching. First of all, no one gets to teach Muslims around here. They are just never interested, and when they are, their family stops them from taking the lessons. But we got so lucky! The father of this family is the one who is so interested, so of course the rest have his permission. Brother Ali is a great investigator. He listens intently to everything that we say, and he asks really great questions! Questions that force me to use the Old Testament. Ah it is so fascinating. You know, the Quran and the Old Testament are  very similar. And so it is very effective to use the Old Testament to teach them. This past lesson was one that I will never forget. We concentrated heavily on Jesus Christ. Brother Ali's question was Who was the last prophet, Jesus Christ or Mohammed? Well, to answer that question, we started by trying to help them gain a testimony of the divinity of Christ. ("Well, you see, Brother Ali, Jesus Christ was much more than just a prophet.") We watched Finding Faith in Christ together, and discussed how ever prophet that ever lived prophesied and testified of Christ. Even the ones in the Old Testament, and therefore the Quran. I read passages from Isaiah that were very clearly about Jesus, and pointed them out in the movie. And in this particular lesson, the testimony that I bore of the Savior was probably the most powerful one I have ever born to date. I talked about how He paid the price for all our sins. I talked about how in the Law of Moses, those who committed adultery were stoned (something that is still practiced in the Middle East). I pointed out the scene/story in the movie of the woman taken in adultery. The pharisees took her to Jesus, and laid the case before Him. Should she be stoned? Well, because Jesus Christ was the one who fulfilled the law and made it possible for a person like that to repent, he gave her that chance. He told them that whoever was without sin could cast the first stone at her. Out of all of those people, actually out of all people ever, He was the only perfect one. So of course, He was the only one that could technically cast a stone. But He did not condemn her. No, he gave her another chance. I explained that God is a God of second chances. This is why He sent His Son to die for us. Jesus Christ paid the price for all of our sins, and made it possible for us to repent. And not only repent, but also live again. He broke the bands of sin and death. My soul rejoices in this knowledge, and in the opportunity that I have to share it with others! Sharing it makes me so happy :)
After that, Brother Ali said, "I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe that he is the Son of God. I believe everything that you said. But what about Mohammed? Was he the last prophet, or not?" That's of course when we taught about Joseph Smith and the First Vision. We have prophets today! And Brother Ali told us that it made a lot of sense...
The only issue is he still has a strong belief in the Quran and Muhammed. How do we go about addressing those concerns? This is the quandary that we have to resolve before Tuesday, when we meet with them again. 
AH I'm still on a high from that lesson. I got to use my knowledge of the Old Testament as well as everything I know about Islam and Judaism and the early Christian church. So fun! And they got it! Yay! 
Guys. Time is ticking down. I am feeling sad. 
BUT I love you all. I am so glad to hear that basically everything is ok. Yay for blessings. 
I love this gospel and I love sharing it and I love the people of Fiji. And I love life. What a blessing to be able to live. To be able to have a body and to run and jump and breath and smile! I wish everyone could taste of this happiness that I have. Ah. 
Loloma levulevulevulevu,
Sista Wright

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