Monday, May 26, 2014

Fijian Funeral

Well we didn't do any finding this week, like we meant to. Why? I'll
get to that. But first off, we went to try and find Kasa, who had gone
missing, and we found her! We asked her if she still wanted to take
the lessons and she looked at the ground and wouldn't answer us. So.
It's as if we had never found her. But at least her records are in our
area book so that the next missionaries or the missionaries two years
from now can try and find her and teach her again. Sigh. It was fun
while it lasted, Kasa. Then we got all involved in the funeral
proceedings for that lady I told you about last week--Sister Meya. I
am honestly not sure how we got so involved in it, but we went to the
ibe (mat) presenting ceremony, where the ward took a really nice mat
and an undisclosed amount of cash and presented it to the family, so
that the actual funeral service could be held at the chapel as well as
to give their condolences. I don't really know how to explain it
properly, but it was very Fijian and very cool. Then there was the
actual funeral service, and we helped to clean the chapel and prepare
it. And then we passed out the programs. And I led the music and
Sister Uate gave the closing prayer. It was a regular LDS funeral
service, though most of those in attendance were not members. So it
was a good missionary opportunity. Most of the talks focused on the
Plan of Salvation, and how we would see her again, and that one day
she would be resurrected with a perfect body, never to feel pain
again. It was beautiful. But the whole thing took up some time. And
then right after that I got a huge boil on my face. Sister Limburg,
the mission nurse, told me that if the infection spread to my lymph
nodes it could then very easily spread to my brain and then kill me.
So. I have been on death's door for the past week. Anyway, stay tuned
for next week, everyone is rushing me to finish so that we can go to
qito. I'm not happy about it, but yeah. Wait to hear the rest of the
story next week. It's all Elder Jack's fault. You know what his first
name is. Talon. Makes me think of Napoleon Dynamite-- "Do the chickens
have large talons?" AH BYE

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