Monday, May 5, 2014

Busy week, missing investigators

Hello! This week was alrighty. What happened that was worth
mentioning? Um...we got a lot more work done than usual. We tightened
our schedule down. We worked pretty dang hard. I forced Sister Uate to
talk to people she had never met before. So now that small fear of
hers has been squashed. And we found some new investigators. Taught a
bunch of Restoration lessons. Invited like six people to be baptized.
They all said yes, but we'll see how that goes. Una was gone all week.
She said she wouldn't go to the village and then she did. But that's
ok. She will still get baptized this month, it will just be a bit
later than anticipated. Ofa, on the other hand, is nowhere to be
found.  Yeah we tried to find her. We went to almost
ever white house on the street that she said she was staying at. We
met a bunch of new people, but couldn't find her. But we will! I have
faith. I have not given up. I am confident that the Lord sent her
to Nasinu for a reason. I will run into her again. Gosh dang it.

Other than that there is not much to talk about. Or is there, and I am
just saving it all for MOTHERS DAY when I get to TALK TO YOU PEOPLE

Yeah that's right. Anticipate.


Sister Wright

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