Monday, May 26, 2014

Fijian Funeral

Well we didn't do any finding this week, like we meant to. Why? I'll
get to that. But first off, we went to try and find Kasa, who had gone
missing, and we found her! We asked her if she still wanted to take
the lessons and she looked at the ground and wouldn't answer us. So.
It's as if we had never found her. But at least her records are in our
area book so that the next missionaries or the missionaries two years
from now can try and find her and teach her again. Sigh. It was fun
while it lasted, Kasa. Then we got all involved in the funeral
proceedings for that lady I told you about last week--Sister Meya. I
am honestly not sure how we got so involved in it, but we went to the
ibe (mat) presenting ceremony, where the ward took a really nice mat
and an undisclosed amount of cash and presented it to the family, so
that the actual funeral service could be held at the chapel as well as
to give their condolences. I don't really know how to explain it
properly, but it was very Fijian and very cool. Then there was the
actual funeral service, and we helped to clean the chapel and prepare
it. And then we passed out the programs. And I led the music and
Sister Uate gave the closing prayer. It was a regular LDS funeral
service, though most of those in attendance were not members. So it
was a good missionary opportunity. Most of the talks focused on the
Plan of Salvation, and how we would see her again, and that one day
she would be resurrected with a perfect body, never to feel pain
again. It was beautiful. But the whole thing took up some time. And
then right after that I got a huge boil on my face. Sister Limburg,
the mission nurse, told me that if the infection spread to my lymph
nodes it could then very easily spread to my brain and then kill me.
So. I have been on death's door for the past week. Anyway, stay tuned
for next week, everyone is rushing me to finish so that we can go to
qito. I'm not happy about it, but yeah. Wait to hear the rest of the
story next week. It's all Elder Jack's fault. You know what his first
name is. Talon. Makes me think of Napoleon Dynamite-- "Do the chickens
have large talons?" AH BYE

Monday, May 19, 2014

Rain, bed bugs, and yay, Sister Eneri!

6:19 PM (16 hours ago)
Hello! This week was hard, yet beautiful. Let me tell you why:

1. We officially have only one investigator, the lovely Una. She, on
her own, is not unfortunate. She is as golden as they come, and her
investigator glow is bright and lovely and makes me want to cry every
time we have a lesson (I just really really love her). She'll be
getting baptized on the 31st of this month. But the lack of
investigators has certainly been tough. Pray for us, we need it right
2. We were able to go to the temple this week as a zone. It was the
first time I had been to the temple in about 8 months. I was just so
struck by the fact that I am a child of God. That He has actually sent
me here. He is my Father. Jesus Christ is my brother. I was
overwhelmed by the Spirit and just filled with love. It is such a
blessing for there to be a temple in Fiji. If there wasn't one, the
people here would have to save up and either go to Tonga or New
Zealand. As it so happens, they will have to be shutting it down for
about a year in order to renovate it. The ceiling was leaking when we
were there. It was sad to see, and it is sad that it will be closed
temporarily. But everything will be ok. It is only temporary.
3. Some of our members who had previously been less active were
supposed to be sealed this week, but it turned out that the father had
not yet received his Melchizedek Priesthood, so that didn't end up
happening. It was really sad, the children were crying about it.
However, the ladies in the family did end up going for their
endowment, and we got to go (on a different day, so we went to the
temple twice this week!)! I actually got to be an escort, and it was a
wonderful experience. I love the temple. I love it so so much. I am so
grateful for it, and I will definitely be looking for someone who can
take me there one day.
4. There is a widow in our ward that is on oxygen because 70% of her
lungs do not work, so consequently she cannot attend church. We go and
see her from time to time. She is a beautiful spirit, filled with
faith and hope and love. Whenever we go see her I am filled with
warmth. I am so grateful for her. She calls us her daughters. Well,
yesterday she passed away. I was sad when I heard, but at the same
time I understood that she is no longer in pain. I am grateful for an
understanding of the Plan of Salvation. The last time we went and saw
her, she gave us this advice: do not marry someone just because they
are handsome on the outside. Marry someone that is "handsome on the
inside". She said, "Don't be like me." She was married three times.
And that was the last advice she gave to us. I think it's good
5. It has been raining raining raining, and I have been wearing a
sweater all week. What is this, Washington? ;) I am in Fiji! Those of
you who know me, know that my mood is sometimes effected by the
weather. So I was feeling that this past week.
6. Bed bugs have attacked us. First time for me. They are really
yucky, but popping them is very satisfying. Don't worry, we are
winning the battle. Haven't seen one in three days.
7. Transfers occurred, and there was no change for the sisters of
Nasinu 2nd. However, we are getting a new District Leader, the
venerable Elder Tafunai from my intake. He is the man. Excited for
him. However, we will miss Elder Wihongi and his antics. He's going
home to new Zealand this week. ALSO SISTER ENERI IS COMING TO SUVA.
Funny story, about a month into our companionship she had a dream that
she would be serving in Suva 3rd. To her, it was a nightmare. She
didn't want to go there. I told her not to worry, that she would
probably be companions with Sister Trammell, and that it would be a
really enjoyable experience. But I also told her not to give dreams
too much concern. And guess what. Her new area is Suva 3rd, and her
new companion is Sister Trammell. Haha, pote. But the main thing that
I am happy about is that I have her. I love her so much. I missed her
so much.
8. I just want to reemphasize just how much I love Una. Even though we
only have her, she is such a blessing and joy. She is about six feet
tall. She played netball at one point. Haha look up what netball is, I
had never even heard of it until I came to Fiji, but it is a really
big sport in the Pacific. Anyway, we have been teaching her just about
every day because we have so few other people to go see (besides less
actives, but if they don't want to come back they don't want to come
back). And her testimony sounds like she has been a member for ages.
We taught her about the temple the other day, the same day that we
went to be escorts, and man. It was powerful. And it was happy. And
she now understands that baptism is just the beginning, that she
should continue to prepare herself to be able to go to the temple. She
said that she'll go exactly a year after she is baptized. I am so
excited for her. She is such a gem. And she calls us her sisters.
"Isa, my sisters." Isa, our Una.

So right now we are struggling with the work when it comes to numbers.
We are not impressive in any way. But it makes it easier to really
focus on the one investigator that we do have. And I see that as a

I love you all so much. I know the Lord is with each and every one of
us. He loves us so much. He wants us to succeed. And if we bend to His
will, we will succeed. Maybe not in the way we wanted, or the way the
world expects us to succeed. But we will succeed. There is no

I discovered something. The actual purpose of this life and all that
we go through and even the teachings of the church is for us to gain
complete and total self control. We may not actually gain that in this
life, but we should try to get as close to it as possible. Alma 34:32
says that this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God. How do
we do that? By being obedient to His word. They say that freedom comes
from obedience. Now I understand why. Obedience brings us more self
control. And those who have the most self control are surely the most
free. They are the ones that have complete control over what they say,
over what they do. They have the most patience. Therefore, rules and
laws are no longer restrictions for them. The world tends to think
that freedom is a total lack of rules. But there is a consequence for
everything, is there not? Even things that we do in secret have
consequences. Breaking rules and laws always bring negative
consequences, and that is something to which we are all bound. Self
control frees us from these negative consequences. The Atonement
guides us towards this self mastery. It protects us from our
imperfections along the way, if we allow it to. And it also protects
us from the external forces, of which we have no control over, that
might also cause us pain. Therefore, everyone should get baptized and
become members of the Church. The end.

I am a missionary.

Sister Wright

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

Hello my people :)

Happy Mother's Day to all of the women in my life, and the men too
haha. I hope all is well with all of you, that no one is currently
suffering or having a ridiculously bad hair day. Why do I say that? Am
I having a bad hair day? No, actually. My hair is being very nice to
me right now. I mean, it is thinning like crazy, but at least I have
been blessed with curls to mask the thinness with volume. But I
Why was this week a good one? (Because every week is good in Fiji.)
Here are some reasons:
1. Kasa. Kasa is an investigator that really came out of nowhere. We
actually started teaching her aunt, but then she sat in on the
lessons. And then we found out that her mom had been baptized twenty
years ago. Kasa is 13 years old. She is about as silent as a mouse,
even when we talk to her in Fijian. We have to pull and pry everything
out of her. Otherwise she will just smile at you with her cute little
smile and giggle. The funny thing is, she has no problem talking to us
outside of lessons, but during lessons, when we ask her questions, she
has a really hard time answering. And this was why we didn't think she
would be a very solid investigator. But then something happened. We
meant to go and pick her up for church on Sunday (something we don't
usually want to do because it's like spoonfeeding our investigators
and we don't want them to get used to it) but as the Taxi was rounding
the corner, we saw her walking towards the chapel on foot. It had
taken her one hour, but she had made the journey! No other
investigator from my experience in Suva has ever been that committed.
And this is a 13 year old girl. I was so happy :)))) And then later on
we had a lesson with her, and we taught her how to bear her testimony.
 And she actually bore it! It was so simple and so quiet, but so
profound. She testified that the church was true and that it was
changing her. That was good enough for me :) I hear baptismal bells
ringing in the near future! (What does that even mean...but really, we
invited her to be baptized and she said yes. Now we just need to
reeactivate her mom.)
2. The Infinite Atonement, by Tad R. Callister. I've actually gotten
to meet him a couple of times here in Fiji. I was sad when he was
released, but happy that he was called to be the Sunday School
President. But the poor guy, when is he going to get a break? Haha.
Anyway, I read his book. It was a lifechanger. I recommend it to
anyone and everyone. It gave me a whole new perspective on Jesus
Christ. And not just one perspective, like fifteen new perspectives.
The book basically looks at the Atonement from every angle. And
because of that, my relationship with my Savior is so so much
stronger. Because of this book and Jesus the Christ and the Miracle of
Forgiveness, I have decided that my religious library is going to be
3. Many other things, but I am out of time! (ONE OF WHICH IS THAT UNA

I hope you all know that I love you and appreciate you. I am so
grateful to have been able to talk to you guys on the phone. I can
honestly say that I was born into the best family in the entire world.
Sorry this is a smaller one than I meant to write, but I promise the
next one will be better.
Sister Wright

Monday, May 5, 2014

Busy week, missing investigators

Hello! This week was alrighty. What happened that was worth
mentioning? Um...we got a lot more work done than usual. We tightened
our schedule down. We worked pretty dang hard. I forced Sister Uate to
talk to people she had never met before. So now that small fear of
hers has been squashed. And we found some new investigators. Taught a
bunch of Restoration lessons. Invited like six people to be baptized.
They all said yes, but we'll see how that goes. Una was gone all week.
She said she wouldn't go to the village and then she did. But that's
ok. She will still get baptized this month, it will just be a bit
later than anticipated. Ofa, on the other hand, is nowhere to be
found.  Yeah we tried to find her. We went to almost
ever white house on the street that she said she was staying at. We
met a bunch of new people, but couldn't find her. But we will! I have
faith. I have not given up. I am confident that the Lord sent her
to Nasinu for a reason. I will run into her again. Gosh dang it.

Other than that there is not much to talk about. Or is there, and I am
just saving it all for MOTHERS DAY when I get to TALK TO YOU PEOPLE

Yeah that's right. Anticipate.


Sister Wright