Monday, March 17, 2014


Sister Trammell, Sister Tuahivaatetonohiti, and myself. Halfway through! :)

Isa Elder Heninger. I'm gonna miss him.
(the mama: Isa means something like a fond "Oh".  

Coolest people to ever live, most awesome district alive, my favorite
people ever, during Zone P_day a couple of weeks ago. Now we are
getting split up ... :(

Howdy howdy howdy.

LET me just tell you about this week. As I was writing that email last
week I was dying. Fever of a billion. Etc, I already told you about
how I felt last time. Then I went back to our flat and passed out. I
was pretty sure I had dengue or malaria or some other death
threatening illness, but luckily no. I was feeling pretty much better, but by that time I had discovered something else that was
wrong with me. A lovely rash ALL OVER MY BODY. What the heck was going
on??? It was like little blisters all over the place, especially on my
hands. Of course, being myself, I had to pop every one of them. So my
fingers hurt REALLY bad. We stayed in the flat, and I studied all the
stories about leprosy that I could find. I felt like Naaman (OR
HOWEVER YOU SPELL IT). The mission nurse told me to shower four times
a day. Sounded a lot like what Elisha told him to do. WASH SEVEN TIMES
IN THE RIVER JORDAN. Oh man I wish it was that easy. But anyway, I
went to a doctor, and he took one look at me and said
"Haha looks like you have scabies". SCABIES??? Sick nasty. But
actually, it makes sense. I have a confession to make...I've been a
bit disobedient. You know the White Handbook? It says "Don't hold
children." Mostly because there have been legal issues in regards to
missionaries and children (way dumb) in the States. Well...this isn't
the States, this is Fiji. Also, I'm a sister missionary. Those legal
issues had to do with elders. No problem, right? Yeah ok, then we had
Zone Training Meeting, I forced myself to go despite my
extreme discomfort, and what did our ZL's say? It doesn't matter if
this is Fiji. Do you want miracles? Then you need to be exactly
obedient, or else you will miss out on blessings. DON'T HOLD THE
LITTLE CHILDREN. I scoffed within myself. Then, there I
was at the doctor's office, and you know what he told me? "You can get
scabies from HOLDING LITTLE CHILDREN." So, there you have it. I was
smitten. The Lord smote me because of my disobedience. I was asking
for it. I have been holding little children from the beginning of my
mission. THEY ARE JUST SO CUTE, OK?? :(
And that was my week. Staying in the flat. Calling people and having
to tell them "SORRY WE CAN'T COME, I HAVE SCABIES." Our ZL's were
thoroughly disgusted. I felt like a zombie, the living, breathing,
walking dead.
Incredibly, we did not get bored.
How did we entertain ourselves?
Experimenting on how many dishes we could make with eggs, Chow
noodles, soy sauce, and corned mutton. The answer is an infinite
Telling each other stories. I probably told Sister Eneri the plot of
five different movies. I acted them out too. It was great fun, but
afterwards I felt bad about it. Because it felt like I had actually
watched The Princess Bride, Penelope, Warm Bodies, The Eye, and also
dad's screenplay The Prisoner. But nowhere in the White Handbook does
it say that we can't act movies out...
I will admit that there were a couple of hours that I just cried on
Sister E's shoulder. "I want my daddy to give me a blessing." "I want
my mama to rub this cream on my back." (Ew?) And I thought of Job's
wife, telling him to curse God and die.
But, incredibly, through these series of unfortunate events, I managed
to grow closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ.
Another thing we did to pass the time was sing hymns. We went through
the hymnbook and sang EVERY SONG WE KNEW and figured out the tune for
the ones we didn't know. Holy cow so many songs. But it was a powerful
experience. I listened to each of them with a different perspective. A
missionary perspective. And the perspective of someone who better
understood the Atonement. Because I have had to use that greatest of
all blessings so very much on the mission. I'm so grateful for it.
I love my companion. She and I are like sisters. She was such a great
comfort to me as I was going through this difficult time. I am
grateful to have been given the opportunity and privilege of serving
with her, of training her. It's amazing to me, there is no way I ever
would have met her if I had not chosen to serve a mission. But now I
know that we were friends in the pre-existence and that I for sure
want to go and visit her in Kiribati one day.
Despite the fact that we didn't get much done this week, we still
managed to have some solid lessons. We invited one investigator to be
baptized and had another incredible lesson with the Johnson family.
Sister Johnson had a question about baptisms for the dead. I don't
have much experience teaching about that particular subject, but
somehow I was able to explain it in such a way that she wondered why
no other church practiced it. Her main issue with it was the concept
of giving people a chance to be baptized after this life, when this is
the life that we have been given to prepare to meet God. It was such a
great introduction question for the Plan of Salvation lesson. I asked
her, what about those people that have never had the chance to be
baptized in this life? Do you think that God would just allow them to
be condemned? No, He is a loving Heavenly Father. He is a God of
second chances. Otherwise, why would He have provided a way for us to
repent? It was such a good lesson. And the whole family said that they
had a desire to find the truth, and that when they found it they would
act on it. It was incredible, and the Spirit was so strong. Sister
Eneri did an awesome job talking to them about the Book of Mormon,
that it is the keystone of our religion, and that if they didn't try
to read it and pray about it, they would never know if this church is
true. They committed to read it. I am so proud of her, my little
daughter :)
God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.
Now my rash is no longer contagious and we are back in action. Thank
you for your prayers. You didn't even know what I was going through,
and yet your prayers helped me so much this week!
SKY MONKEYS. Unfortunately, Elder Heninger my second favorite elder in
all of Fiji is transferred. He's a Zone Leader now, in Savusavu! He'll
be the best ZL ever, because he was for sure the best DL ever. We are
definitely going to hang out when we get back to school. Also, one of
our ZL's was made AP. Elder Olsen and Elder Ohlsen are now in power,
long live the Olsen twins. Haha. I'm sad our district is changing, but
it just means that time is moving forward and I'm a little bit closer
to the next big thing. Which is Mosa's baptism, on the 29th of this
month. And then Tima's baptism sometime next month. And then inviting
the Johnson family to be baptized sometime in May. Please pray for
them. They are so wonderful, but they need prayers.
I love you people.

(the mama here: PS, in true missionary fashion of sending the grossest pictures possible, Sis. Wright did send me a picture of the scabies rash, which I have chosen not to post to protect the innocent.  Oh Meg…stop breaking rules!)

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Sharon and Marvin said...

What a great missionary and these experiences make us stronger. Like Chip Baldwin said yesterday...we do have consequences for bad or good. Luckily this was a short lived consequence.