Sunday, February 2, 2014


Personal fav. Walking through a kassava patch.

panoramic one. No views like this in Suva.

I know how to make babakau (pronounced bum-ba-cow), a Fijian yummy. Among other things.

The one waterfall in Lautoka. Pretty pathetic compared to other ones in Fiji, but still. Exciting for a palagi from the koro levu of Suva.

Kai colo saraga. I was so excited. 
First time I have seen root beer since America became a thing of the past. In my prayers that night, I remembered to thank God for sending me A&W root beer, courtesy of our FABULOUS ward mission leader who is a great friend, Brother Reddy. It took me three days to drink it. When I opened it, I just smelled it for awhile.

At a ward activity. I am always the minority, it is way fun.

This is Peni from Taveuni. He was baptized in October, one of Sister Aoina and Sister Trammell's converts. He hates Lautoka because Taveuni is the most awesome and beautiful place in Fiji; I don't blame him. He came to Lautoka for the holiday, ended up staying two months because he couldn't find a return boat ride. He hated it. So we took him with us a lot to give him something to do. He was very helpful. Love that kid. Now he is preparing for a mission.

HELLO Sorry this won't be as long as we all would like, I spent all this time sending pix. Thanks for the camera cord, by the way!!!  :))))  
This week was great. We were a bit stressed because we were trying to get a fireside organized. We planned to do a workshop sort of thing, involving the members. Only about 20 people showed up, though none of the people that were supposed to help us with the workshop. So we had to improvise at the last second. "Ok, Elder Heninger will be the keynote speaker. You got something prepared? Brother Dau will share his experience, Sister Wright will expound a scripture story, Sister Eneri will share her experience, and Brother Reddy will conduct. Go team! Fireside on three, one two three Fireside!" Haha that's actually exactly how it went down. That's ok! Sister Eneri spoke, which was huge for her. It is amazing to watch how her confidence improves every day. I love her and am so grateful for the opportunity to train her. But anyway, the fireside happened, thanks to the combined efforts of us, the elders, and our fantastic ward mission leader, Brother Reddy. He is so great, and we are so thankful for him. The results of the fireside may not have been what we wanted: which was a renewed missionary vigor on the part of the members. However, the bishop told us that it was the first of many. Things can only go up from here. 
Mosa, our one golden investigator, ran away. He packed up his clothes and left, because of some contention within the home. I knew that something was going to happen like that. From my experience, this always seems to be the pattern. Satan works hard on people right before they are about to be baptized. But we are not going to let Satan win. We have been doing some sleuthing work, and we are close to figuring out where Mosa is. If we do not get to finish teaching him, then we will refer him to other missionaries. But we are not going to let him just disappear. I know that the Lord wants him to be baptized, and He will guide our efforts. 
Erm. It rained like crazy. I almost didn't want to mention this, because of the drought in Cali, but there was flooding. Our roof leaks. It was a pretty intense storm. The wind almost knocked us over a couple of times. We were soaked to the bone. This was before the fireside. It was disheartening, because we knew that if it continued, no one would show up to the fireside. So I gave a mighty prayer that the sunshine would smile upon Lautoka on Friday, the day of the fireside. And the clouds were chased away. I BELIEVE IN PRAYER. 
Another small miracle. On Monday I lost my camera. I had it when we went to qito (play), but when I got back to the flat it was gone. Most likely stolen. That would mean all my pictures from the mission, sa yali. Gosh dang it. So I prayed. I told the ZL's it was gone. By Wednesday it was retrieved. YES. Just in time for my package that had a camera cord inside. 
SOPHIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Yesterday, which was your birthday in Fiji, a ton of primary kids got up to bear their testimonies. This is the pattern they follow for Fiji: "Good afternoon brothers and sisters" "Good afternoon (insert name here)" (the ward always responds, it's great) "I would like to bear my testimony, I know this church is true. I know that the men sitting behind me are men called of God. I know the Book of Mormon and the Holy Bible are the words of God. I love you all, I love my family. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." Always the same. It's great. There were like twenty of them, and I thought of Sophie. She wouldn't follow a pattern. She'd share a testimony from her heart. So I had to get up and bear my testimony. I told everyone that it was my baby sister's birthday, and that she would always bear her testimony. I told them I wanted to bear mine as a tribute to her. So, I did just that. Sophie, I hope you know that you are amazing. You are such a good example to everyone that knows you, including me. I am so proud of the young woman that you are. I hope you have enjoyed your birthday. Au lomani iko vakasara vakalevu. I hope you like your gifts :))
I love all of you. Please write me more emails. I get like four. Mwah. 
Sister Wright

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