Sunday, January 12, 2014

I am training!

Welp guess what. I AM TRAINING.

HAHAHAHA so crazy how just last week I was chaffing (how do you spell
that) to train, and suddenly I am getting my greenie on Wednesday. LET
ME TELL YOU its about time. The other people in my intake are already
training, as well as a bunch from the intake after us. Made me feel
like the Lord or maybe President didn't trust me to train. Maybe I'm
not a good enough missionary. Dumb thoughts. But now I know better. I
have been pretty well prepared to train. Every one of my companions
have prepared me for this. From them, I know what kind of a senior
companion I want to be. A rocking awesome one, that's for sure. One
that is obedient but not overbearing. And definitely a compassionate
one. I have discovered a few things about myself. Compassion and
hospitality are huge to me. I love taking care of people. Even if they
are total jerks to me, I serve them til the end. That's just who I am.
Can't wait to have a home of my own so that I can invite anyone and
everyone to come home and partake of my compassion and hospitality. I
have decided that that home will have a fabulous grandfather clock.
Just saying.
But anyway, things are going to change in this area. I have some great
ideas. And we have a bunch of potential investigators lined up. The
work is about to explode, I can feel it. And I am so excited and
We are going to learn this language. I'm so done with only one of us
knowing it. From day one me and my greenie are going to take advantage
of our language study hour. I can speak it better than a lot of
sisters out here, but I am still leagues behind the elders. And
sometimes they are condescending about it. Well, no longer. The day
will come when they will be asking ME how to say certain things. Ha.
Anyway, not much more to say besides that. I'm excited to get a new
companion...haha. Yeah. This one has taught me heaps about patience. I
have discovered that you can never be too patient.
not worship the giant primates that dwell among the stars. They just
admire them greatly. Just kidding. It's just a megspression. Don't
take me seriously unless I am being serious.) (YOU KNOW YOU MISS ME.)


Anyway, bye.
Sista Wright

Can you tell that I am happier? :))))))))))))

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