Sunday, December 15, 2013


Lautoka! Lautoka is good. The people are so sweet and kind. The ward is small but good. It is hot hot hot here. It doesn't feel like the Christmas season, except for the common focus on the Savior. That particular feeling is the same. And, actually stronger, since I myself have become closer to Him. 
One thing that we did this week is buy a heap of pineapples. Six of them for three dollars. They are very cheap right now because they are in season. Everyone and their dog are selling pineapples. The pineapples here are different. They are smaller, about half the size of ones back home, but so much more sweet and flavorful! Whenever I eat them, I think of you poor people, and how unfortunate you are to never have tasted the real thing ;)
As we walk the streets of Lautoka, everyone says Bula or Moce (Moe-They) as the pass by you. Everyone smiles and waves. It reminds me a lot of New Harmony. I love it. The small kids always come up and dre, or shake hands Fijian style. The way they do that is like a limp handshake where they slide their hand across yours until your fingers touch each other, and then you have to stiffen your fingers really quickly so that when your hands come apart they make a snapping noise. There are a few ways to do it. I've gotten really good at it. Almost no Fijians do the firm handshake that we Americans are used to. It's either the dre or a very limp handhold haha. And all the ladies come and kiss you on the cheek. It's great! Haha. 
When it comes to teaching around here, everyone is happy to have us come. Sometimes it's a bit hard, because they aren't at all interested, but it takes a few visits to figure it out. A lot of them just consider our visits as just bible study. One of our investigators, Samanunu, has been to every church under the sun, and is very interested in gleaning as much information about different churches as possible. So she was taught all the lessons. But when invited to be baptized, she has no desire to do so. Darn it. After spending all that time teaching her, it was all just bible study to her. 
Right now the majority of our investigators seem to just be interested in bible study.
And by that I mean all four of them. We need more. We have been doing some finding, which is the missionary term for going out and talking to everyone with ears that can listen, but right now our efforts have not been that fruitful. So here we go again, can all y'all back home pray for us to find some sincere investigators? Lautoka hasn't had a baptism in months. It's time to fix that. Please help us out :)
Now, our companionship. Things are much better. I decided to not be a doormat anymore and just tell her how she made me feel. And I uncovered the truth. Her father died recently, while she was on the mission. And she was having a hard time coping. And suddenly I felt like a big fat jerk. But we were able to work some things out;  I learned a lot about humility, and hopefully now the work will pick up because we are more in unity. Man, it's like what they say. Always give people the benefit of the doubt. 
I love my Savior so much. He has been with me through all my ups and downs. I didn't always accept Him, but I feel that recently I have finally been able to grow close enough to Him to feel the comforting effects of the Atonement. I'm ashamed that I had to be brought low in order to turn to Him, but that's how these things work. We have to be humble in order to be His. And now I'm really working on it. Just in time for Christmas.
In response to your questions:
Christmas call: it will be your Christmas. Which is the 26th for me. I guess we are going to buy another sd card for the phone and call you. I'm not so sure. I wish they talked to us more about it. But I will let you know. Have your phone on hand at all times, k? 
Packages: Just keep sending them the way you have been. I received three this week. One with wrapped presents from you people, one with sharpies and Muddy Buddies (YUM), and one from Grandma and Grandpa W :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) This was one of the highlights of my week. Thank you people so much for not forgetting about me. I love you.
I love you all. You are the best. Ask me specific questions, it helps me when I write these stinking emails.
Sista Wright

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