Monday, November 11, 2013

Bird Poop

So. This week. Not too crazy. The highlight is always Ilivasi. He has such a beautiful soul. He texts us these long texts about how grateful he is for us and how much he loves the Gospel. He is starting to become involved with the YSA. Makes me happy to see him going to institute and sports nights and hanging out with the other young adults in the ward even when there isn't an activity. He's pretty shy, so it's a big deal for him to make friends like this. Props to our YSA, they are being so nice to him :) We were able to fast with Ilivasi this Wednesday. From 6 AM to 6 PM. I felt no hunger, it was incredible. Ilivasi called us from time to time to check on us, make sure we were still alive. He's a sweetheart. But after we finished, he still did not tell his dad. So we decided to fast one more time this Wednesday, and then he promised to tell his whole family when they have their version of Family Home Evening (Fijians have family devotionals practically every night, it's way cool). So keep him in your prayers as well. This means that it will be easier for him to stay active after he is baptized which is SOON. 

Most annoying thing: trying to get people to go to church without us going to their house and pulling them out of bed. Some of our investigators are on the fast track to becoming former investigators, because there's not much we can do if they don't come to church. In other words, our teaching pool is way small. Keep praying for us to find some good solid investigators. This week we started to find some. Both of them were referrals, which is new. One is a taxi driver who was surprised to hear from us. "Why me?" he asked. "Because you are special, and the Lord has a plan for you," we replied. "Well, I do believe in miracles." Little did he know that he was OUR miracle. The other one was a crazy find. We were going to a members house for dinner. She was talking to some lady on her front porch. We walked up and shook the lady's hand and introduced ourselves. The member introduced her and said that she wanted to take the lessons. Both a referral and a contacted referral pretty much at the same instant. Way awesome. We are teaching this lady tonight. 
But man, we need more. Keep praying for us.

Silly missionary miracle of the week:
On Thursday a bird flew into our flat and the wind knocked the door shut. It freaked out and was flapping around the place like a madman...bird... It was so scared that it started pooping everywhere. Nowhere too damaging, except right on top of our buns. (Around here we call rolls buns.) Somehow we got it out the front door, and then I had to clean up all the poop. (Sister Aoina was sleeping during all of this haha.) It was crazy funny, except for those buns. That was not funny. I was really looking forward to eating them.
I felt really down about it. On Sunday I was pretty sad about it, because usually we eat dinner at the flat, and I was looking forward to eating our fried rice with those buns. We went to visit this sweet lady who has a handicapped daughter, and as we turned to leave she said "WAIT! I have these homemade buns, why don't you two take them for your breakfast tomorrow?"
The moral of the story is:
If a bird ever poops on your buns and you are way sad about it, don't worry. THE LORD PROVIDES.
In regards to the transfers this week: There was supposed to be a new intake coming in. But it turns out that they were unable to get their visas, so they were reassigned to somewhere in the states (most likely the one Fijian ward in the entire country, which is in Central California) until their visas process. There was still a small transfer, but the only difference that effected us was a new Zone Leader, an Elder Alps (or something like that, his real name is hard to remember). None of the sisters were transferred. Let me tell you, when they didn't say my name I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. I didn't pray not to get transferred, but I kept praying the whole thy will be done prayer, you know? I know that I have been in the same area for almost six months, so it is about time to get transferred. But I am not ready to part from my dear Sister Aoina. She is the most amazing companion I could have, and I don't want to lose her. It would feel unfair, since I haven't had her for very long :( BUT the new intake will get their visas eventually, and then I will probably end up training. It's a scary thought, but I know I can do it. Thanks to Sister Aoina. She has helped me with my self confidence oh so much.
Other than that, not much to tell for this week. Why the heck are both my brothers in casts right now. I feel as if I am next...

PS:  (Sister Wright's mama here)  She can answer more emails now that she has more time to spend on the computer.  So you can email again.  :) 

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