Sunday, October 27, 2013

Study time

Ey bula! Vakacava tiko? :)
SO basically this week has been hard but good. Much was learned.
Remember how my companion, Sister Aoina, went to the hospital last
week? Well yes we got her out. It was a herculean task, because they
wanted to keep her there until she died (ironic since it's a hospital
and all). We got her out, but it may have been too soon. She is a hard
worker by definition, and refused to show any weakness at first. I
mean, we were playing basketball with the elders! And we were playing
hard! And then we walked home in the rain! The next day she was
miserable, and I told her guess what, it would be better to take time
to get better now than to be miserable now and still have to take time
to get better later. So this week we did not leave the flat much. I
did a lot of studying while she slept and slept and slept. She didn't
want to. It about killed her to stay in. She kept apologizing for
being a lousy companion, and I kept telling her she was an angel and
to get back in bed. I took good care of her. I realize that I truly
love to serve people and keep them happy. So even though I should have
been super bored, I was content with my scriptures and this
opportunity to serve my lovely companion.
Regardless, we both wondered why the Lord was allowing this to happen
when we had so much work to do, and such a desire to do it. We
wondered what it was that we were supposed to be learning. When we
finally had our companionship inventory at the end of the week, we
looked back and realized that we are so much closer now than we would
be otherwise. We had learned patience, and to trust in the Lord's will
and timing. We truly learned to love each other, and we love each
other's families, and we wish we could have grown up together so that
we could have already been good friends. Numbers-wise, it was a crappy
week. We maybe taught eight lessons. But it was not a wasted week.
The highlight of the week was Stake Conference. A member of the area
presidency, Elder Coward of the Seventy, was presiding. Whoa, he was a
powerful speaker. On Saturday, he straight up said that members should
not be drinking kava (I don't have the energy to explain what that is,
look it up on wikipedia). This has been a controversial issue, since
it is not specifically talked about in the Word of Wisdom (we just
teach people that it is a harmful and addictive substance). So it was
a bit of a shock to hear it, but a good shock. He talked about true
conversion, which is something that I have been studying lately. (Look
up Elder Bednar's talk about true conversion. SO GOOD.) On Sunday he
spoke a lot about members and missionaries working together. THANK
YOU. We haven't had that much support from the members. It was kind of
satisfying to hear him get after them. But then he called our Zone
Leaders up. He asked them how many lessons a week on average does our
zone get. 13 or so. (In Suva 1st we generally get from 16-20). He then
challenged us to get 40. Our jaws dropped. What?? The highest number
we have ever achieved was like 25. How are we supposed to get 40?? And
he said it in front of the entire stake! AH. But then he acknowledged
that it was a high number, and he said that we cannot achieve it
without the help of the members. You've got that right.
Sister Aoina and I just started laughing. We got 8 lessons this past
week. Holy cow, have we got our work cut out for us this week. And for
the weeks to come. Obviously we are not going to get 40 lessons right
away. It will be a process. But that is the goal. We will make Elder
Coward proud.
Elder Coward ain't no coward. (Lol.)
This upcoming Wednesday we have Sisters Training, where we basically
have a Zone Conference type meeting for all the sisters in the
mission. All of them will be coming in for it. It will be good to see
Sister Crowell and Sister Trammell. I've missed them. Sister Klingler
has asked me to do a musical number for it. I still have no idea what
to do. Sister Aoina and I have not had enough time in front of a piano
to work one out. But. I'm sure it will be great.
I am so happy. This Gospel is the best thing ever, and I am so
grateful to be a missionary during the time when prophecy is so
clearly being fulfilled. I am almost six months out and so far I have
helped two baptisms come to pass. That's partially because I am
serving in one of the hardest areas in Fiji, the capitol, Suva. Out in
the villages the work is progressing at a much faster rate. But I am
not complaining. I know that the Lord sent me to Suva for a reason.
The souls here are just as precious as the ones out in the villages,
they are just a little harder to come by. Haha!
I love our Savior. My relationship with Him has become so much more
personal. I am so grateful for the pains and the suffering that He
went through, and that I can not only apply it to my own life, but
help others to apply it to theirs as well. Watching our investigators
use the Atonement to change and to become better creatures has
seriously brought me true joy. And I have become truly converted.
Before the mission, I thought I was solid, but now I realize that my
testimony was primitive at best. I am so grateful to be a missionary.
I am so grateful to be a part of this, His most important work.
If you haven't read Jesus the Christ yet, get going. Best book on the
planet, besides the scriptures.
Kalougata tiko!! <3333333 Loloma levu!!!!
Sista Wright

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