Monday, October 21, 2013

New companion ---> hospital, no!

Hello my darling people.
This week has been the craziest, and yet the happiest I have had in a
long long time. I do indeed have a new companion, Sister Aoina. And
she is amazing and I love her so much.
So I told you about the craziness that happened on Monday. Well it was
crazy for her too. It was her birthday, of all days to get
transferred. She had to fly from Taveuni to Nadi and then take a 4
hour bumpy bus ride to Suva. Taveuni had been an amazing experience
for her, and she had had such a good relationship with her companion
there, Sister Trammell. So it was a bummer of a birthday for her. But
I made sure that she got a cake. We had dinner at Elder and Sister
Whitehead's house, and they made that one cake that I feel awkward
saying the name of  (because I'm a missionary)(you know the cake?).
But deelicious. Then we tried to find a way to email her family, since
she hadn't that day, and of course all the internet shops were closed.
I feel so bad, what a lame start to her time here in Suva.
And really, coming to Suva from Taveuni was a bummer in and of itself.
The work there was going so well. The area was amazing. But it seems
that the Lord saw the great work that she was doing with Sister
Trammell in Taveuni, and heard my prayers expressing my desire to be
obedient and diligent, and so he sent her to me. And we have our work
cut out for us.
I was honest with her. I laid it all out. I told her about my
experience with Sister Bechu, about how the Bishop's family did not
trust us, and that the ward did not support us. I told her about how
small our teaching pool is, and how we would spend almost every day in
the same place, Howell Road Howell Road Howell Road. I told her about
my desires to work, work hard, and work right. And she listened to
everything I said and was angry that I had to go through the things
that I did. The fact that she listened was a beautiful change in and
of itself, but having her sympathize with me made me love her all the
more. My previous companion never did.
Almost right away, we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders.
Sister Aoina went up to Samabula, and Sister Lavatai came to me. I
love that woman. Her counsel and support is what kept me sane during
the really hard times. And Suva 1st had been her first area, so she
has a lot of insight that is very useful to me. That week she
expressed to me how sad she was that the area had gone so far downhill
since she had left it. And I expressed to her my desire to fix what
had been broken. We went around and she showed me places that were
ripe for the picking because of the seeds that she had planted there a
year before. She also took us to see the Bishop's wife. If felt so
good to reconcile things with her. That was one load that had been
weighing down on me for far too long. That night, when Sister Aoina
returned, we had dinner with the Bishop's family. I had never had
dinner there before, and I have been here for almost four months. It
was so good, and we were able to discuss some good things with the
Then, as luck would have it, Sister Aoina got really sick. She tried
to keep working, but pretty soon I wouldn't let her. It got pretty
bad. We ended up in the hospital, and they said she was greatly
dehydrated and had some bacterial infection. I spent the night there
with her, waking up when her drip ran out and going to get the nurses
to bring a new bag. I felt so bad for her. What the heck, we have such
a desire to do the work and we have such great plans, why are we being
delayed? Another test of patience. That next day, she stayed in the
hospital and the other Sister Training Leader, Sister Sua, came with
me so that we could get some work done in Suva 1st.
Have I told you people about Ilivasi? He is the bomb. He comes from a
part member family--His mom is a less active, his grandma a member and
his sister Sesilia is a recent convert (love her). Sister Bechu and I
taught him two lessons and invited him to be baptized at the end of
the second one. He went to General Conference and received a strong
confirmation that this was the right thing to do, even though his dad
is a strong Methodist talatala (preacher). He is so smart and he gets
things pretty much right away. The only question he has really had is
how does he know that he is feeling the Spirit? Luckily we had a bunch
of the YSA with us in the lesson, and we went around in a circle and
each told him about a spiritual experience that we had had. It was an
amazing lesson.
Anyway, Sister Sua and I taught him about the Law of Chastity. I
actually love teaching that one. You know what? That law has been put
in place to protect families. I am so grateful for the Law of
Chastity. Afterwards, he expressed to us his desire to go on a
mission. Yay :) I love hearing that! He should be baptized in the
beginning of November.
Sister Aoina did not come out of the hospital until Sunday afternoon.
It was so good to have her back. Let me tell you some things about
her: She is Samoan, but from New Zealand. She is 23 years old. She is
tall and big and protective of her palangi companions. She has great
compassion and is fiercely loyal, just like me :) And she is an
amazing musician. She plays the piano and sings. I love her so much. I
am so so grateful for her. She truly is an answer to my prayers. I
told her all about our family, and she really wants to meet you
people. So we need to make a trip to New Zealand after you come pick
me up in Fiji, k? :)
She is still not completely recovered, but you can tell that she is
feeling happy just being out of the hospital. Man, once you are
admitted to the hospital, it's like a prison. You are stuck. And she
felt like she couldn't even leave the room, because she had no
companion. But President wouldn't let me stay with her...otherwise I
would have.
Basically, I am so very happy. No one can rain on my parade. Even
though it is definitely raining out there.

Yay for Sam speaking in church! Don't worry, it gets easier every
time. Now, I love speaking in church!
Tell everyone that I love them more than life itself. I would
seriously die for every one of you if I had to. But hopefully I won't

Love your Sister Wright


Mike & Dawn said...

Oh Meg, This just makes Grandpa and me so happy to hear the joy in your voice! You tried so hard with your last companion but it just wasn't working, so you deserve it now!!! Work your heart out till you have nothing left to give!

ps. Grandpa didn't know the name of "that" cake so when I told him he cracked up!!!

Love Grandma W

merideth said...

this is beautiful and powerful!!!