Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gaining a Testimony

Oh boy I miss fall in the Wright home. Putting up the decorations.
Smelling those seasonal candles mama always keeps lit. Gah. It doesn't
even feel like fall here. And it probably never will. Last night it
rained so hard and the wind was so strong that I thought the roof
would blow away. Luckily it didn't. And today it is hot and muggy
because it's even more humid than usual. I can't wait for Christmas
time, which is their summer as well as hurricane season. That'll be so
much fun to proselyte in.

Some things you might like to know:
We don't watch General Conference until the 12th and 13th. The delay
makes me kind of sad, but at the same time it doesn't matter because I
am so dang excited. I love General Conference.  
I've been discouraged lately for various reasons.  Praying daily for help.  Then we had this experience:
We went to follow up on a Plan of Salvation pamphlet that we had placed with this Seventh Day Adventist family in Edenville, a group of apartments (they call them
barracks). So we go in, and the lady pulls out her bible and begins to
show us all of these verses that she claims disproved everything in
the pamphlet. I smile and tell her that we aren't there to argue.
Sister Bechu is great, she changed the subject and got to talking
about how they are related somehow. We hightailed it out of there, but
before we went she gave us a bunch of her own pamphlets. And later
that day I read some of them. Something that struck me right away was
how they tried so hard to prove their doctrines. They used bible
verses as well as historical data. Made me think of what Satan tried
to teach Adam and Eve after they got kicked out of the Garden- "the
philosophies of man, mingled with scripture."
It got me thinking about our own church, and what we do as
missionaries. We don't try to prove anything. We share what we
believe. We present the information to the investigators. But we do
not try to prove anything. What we do is ask them to pray about it.
The one that does the proving is the Holy Ghost. They investigate, and
the Holy Ghost gives them certainty. This really hit me. It
strengthened my testimony, in a roundabout way.
But after I read those pamphlets I felt sick. I felt dirty. I felt a
little shaken. And I realized something: never before in my life had I
ever prayed to know if the church was true. Never. This may come as a
shock, but I've just never felt the need. I have been a member of the
church my entire life, and have never doubted if it was true. It's
like I was born with a testimony. And I have felt the Spirit testify
to me of the truthfulness of the gospel. The strongest I have ever
felt the Spirit was after my own baptism. It was a feeling of pure
happiness and warmth and peace, truly beyond description. That feeling
was enough for me. So I never prayed to know if the church was true.
How could I be a missionary, going out and telling others to pray to
know if the church is true, if I had never before done so myself?
Strangely, I was afraid to pray for this. I waited until the next day.
And when I did, I simply said, "Lord I believe. Help thou mine
I said that the strongest I have ever felt the Spirit was on my own
baptism day. And I haven't felt the Spirit that strong since then.
Until now. Until a couple days ago when I prayed to know if the church
is true. I received an overwhelming confirmation that was just as
strong as that day when I was eight years old. And I can tell you with
certainty that this church is the one true church on this earth.  Now I am so happy!  

This next week we have a baptism. Tadulala Savusavu. How do you like
that name. He always reminds me of my Clam. This next week is also my
last week of training. My last week of being a greenie. Also, it
contains my four month mark. Can you believe that?

I can do this!

A favorite scripture that I found this week: "If God had commanded me
to do all things, I could do them." 1 Nephi 17:50.  Nephi is such a good
example of obedience. We should all try to be like Nephi. The Lord
will always provide a way for us to obey!!


Lomana vakalevu,
Sister Wright

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