Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back to learning Fijian

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 FRUSTRATION I just wrote up this long email and then the computer ugh I hate it.
Ok. Anyway. This week we had the privilege of hosting two sisters from the new intake. That means that they got to crash our pad until they received their assignments. Their names were (and are) Sister Mauga and Sister Manusavaii Ulusele (it only took me one day to learn that one, I think I'm improving). It was a blast having them around. I learned a lot from them. They came with such energy and focus. I was embarrassed by how keen they were on learning the language compared to how little I had learned since I got here. They were doing their best to speak it, and when I tried to speak it I fudged it up and it was sad. But instead of going into my turtle shell like I would normally do under such circumstances, I chose to learn from them. I caught a little bit of their drive. I tried to speak it more. And as I did so, I realized that I actually had learned a lot since I got here. I understand plenty Fijian. It's just the speaking that is difficult for me, and that's because speaking a new language is like a muscle. You need to actually speak it, or else it will atrophy and you'll sound like an idiot the next time you try. So since then I have been doing better. I've been speaking it even if I sound like an idiot. Oh well. 

One thing that we did with the sisters that was some kind of genius was go and buy some Class 1, 2, & 3 Fijian readers (workbooks). Now during language study I feel like I'm in kindergarten again because I'm filling in these silly little workbooks. But it's ok because kindergartners are smarter than me in this language. BUT I will press on in the work of the Lord so when life is o'er I may gain a reward etc.

Something else that we did with the sisters was go on splits with them. It was weird, because it meant that I was the senior companion, but it helped me notice something. I am a better missionary when I am a senior companion. I am more bold, because I feel the weight of my responsibility. I found myself telling Sister Mauga that we were going to go knock on doors. What?!? That's the one thing I was dreading having to do on the mission. But here I was, doing it and doing it pretty well. And Sister Mauga was the bomb. We found like four new investigators this way. It felt so good. 

One more thing! Tadu, the fantastic 13 year old that we have been teaching that ALWAYS reminds me of Sam, is getting interviewed for his baptism on Friday and is getting baptized on the 28th of September. Yessssss. And then Ali and then Ofa. Lot's of baptisms lined up. Look at us, we are slightly productive. Haha :)
Our district and zone got all rearranged because of the new intake. Elder Higa is in my zone (knew him from school). He's in Kadavu, lucky duck. Total bush area. With Elder Heath as his trainer. In case anyone cares.
Family, I love you. I am sorry about the lack of emails for the small ones. You don't even understand how little time one hour is. I have to email president too, you know. But I try to write you every week or so. Because I LOVE YOUUUUUOOOUOUOUOU!!! So much. 


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