Sunday, September 8, 2013


Everyone, bula vinaka!

This week was quite a week. To start off, no I was not transferred,
nor was my companion. From our district, Elder Haretuku and Sister Sua
(Sister Tuahivaatetonohiti's companion) will be leaving. I will miss
them both. Sister Bechu and I are in for the long-haul.

On Monday Akosita went AWOL. My first baptism, poof gone. In the PMG (Preach My Gospel)
it talks about how we should be devastated when our investigators
reject this glad message, and although we are not sure if that is what
happened or not, I felt a bit of devastation. She left her scriptures

But, one good thing that happened is that Ofa and Ali are back
together. Ofa and Akosita were cousins, and had run away from Ali
because things were just not going well. So we had been teaching Ali,
and man, the progress that he has made. His Word of Wisdom issues are
almost all resolved. He treats Ofa so much better than before. He
attributes that to my counsel. I taught him how to talk to women. It's
hilarious just how many hats a missionary gets to wear: counselor,
life coach, and about a billion others.
But from this experience I have seen how the gospel truly blesses
families. It has been one month, and this home has gone from a broken
one to one where almost everyone has a smile on their face. Ali had
gotten really into fasting and prayer, and we prayed for him nonstop,
and in that span of one month the Lord provided for him a job and the
return of his family. I love this little family. I love the Lord for
helping them. Every time I think about it I am just so happy.

So back to this week: on Tuesday we got to go to the temple. Oh my
gosh I have missed the temple so much. It was like a load was taken
from my back. Just being in the House of the Lord brought me so much
peace and respite from the cares of the work. And it so reminded me of
home, which was not a bad thing. My homesickness is not as bad
anymore. But my love for home grows stronger every minute.

On Thursday I had my first Zone Conference. It was so great. The
training that President and Sister Klingler gave was exactly what I
needed to hear, and the food that Sister Klingler provided was exactly
what I needed (wanted) to eat. Pretty sure every time I visit the
mission home I gain ten pounds (don't worry not really).
Today we will probably host some of the sisters from the new intake. I
am excited to meet them. Riley Higa is in this intake (Kelsey will get that). I
vaguely knew him from school. So that will be interesting.

I love you all so so much. Post on the blog that I am sorry for not
replying to so many people, but I just don't have time. But that's good, right? 

LOVE YOU <333333
Sister Wright

 Some yummy food. 
 What we wore for Zone Conference.

 Before the transfers. Elder Haretuku reminds me of Jack Black because he is so funny and has fantastic eyebrows. Try and find him. 
The zone at the temple.  

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