Sunday, August 11, 2013

First baptism date all set up for end of month!

Howdy y'all. 

When we were walking down the sidewalk in town the other
day one Fijian boy said howdy to me. Because all American say howdy,
right? Hahaha. What movie does that remind me of...Not Ocean's 11,
right? I don't know, one of those movies. JUST KIDDING, I think it was
a Psych episode. Ask Sam, he'll remember.

Ok, so this week was a good one. AND you want to know the best news?
We've got ourselves a baptismal date! For the end of this month! First
one for me, and I am beyond happy. Over the moon happy. Is that a
phrase? I don't know. The point is, this girl named Akosita is
fantastic and I love her. She was the one who had already taken the
lessons in her village before coming to Suva, and we just randomly
found her. We taught her the Plan of Salvation the other day, and it
was amazing. The Spirit was incredibly strong, and I just was
overwhelmed by how blessed we are to have a knowledge of this plan.To
have a knowledge that families can be eternal. To have a knowledge
that those who have died without the Gospel have the opportunity to
learn about it after this life. When you've been a member your whole
life, you take the Gospel for granted. But then you go out on a
mission, and you see how even the small things in the Gospel are able
to bring joy to people's lives, and that's when you realize. Man. We
are so blessed. I am so grateful that my family is on the right track
to being eternal.

Anyway, we have been keeping meticulous tabs on this girl. Because she
got away from the missionaries once before, and we don't want that
happening again. But I'm not that worried about her. She is so strong.
She has a great desire to be a member of the church. She always says
that she loves going to church on Sundays, and she even told me that
she wants to serve a mission. And she's not even a member yet! So

In other news, we have a new District Leader. Elder King got
transferred to Rotuma, and Elder Laoti has come to take his place.
He's great. He encourages us to use more Fijian. Which is both an
annoying thing and a fantastic thing. Because to be honest, I haven't
been using too much Fijian. I've been of the opinion that it will come
when it comes. I study it, I bear my testimony, I pray in Fijian. But
I could be doing more. So even though I am uncomfortable speaking
Fijian during District Meetings, I'll put on a brave face and just do
it. It will help me, I know.

My companion and I are doing well. We have days that are quiet and we
have days where I try to catch a gecko, instead only catch his tail,
and then chase her around the flat with the wiggling severed limb. She
hates all animals hahaha. We have had some good times. Something that
we are well known for are our brownies. They are microwave brownies,
that take about seven minutes from start to finish. Here's the recipe:

Suva 1st Sister Missionary Microwave Brownies:
1. 4 eggs
2. 2 cups of sugar
3. 1 cup melted butter
4. 1 cup flour
5. 1 cup cocoa

Mix eggs, sugar, and butter together. Add in flour and cocoa. Mix
together well. Place in two microwavable containers. Microwave each
for 4-5 minutes until cooked.
Courtesy of Sister Tiakia.

Not sure if it will work with American microwaves and American
ingredients. But whatever, it's been pretty great. And we make at
least six containers a week. Sister Bechu and I have joked about
opening a bakery on the side. Make a little pocket money.
I feel like I am getting fat. I probably am. Please still love me if I
come back massive.

My training is about halfway done. A new intake of
missionaries comes in on September 9th. One week before I finish my
training. When it comes to transfers around here, you
never know. Our ZL has been here in Suva for a year. One of our Sister
Training Leaders has been in her area for seven months. Sister Bechu
feels like she'll get transferred any day now, but I bet we'll both be
here at least until the new intake comes. It's all up to the
Lord. I am content where I am.

One other thing that has recently happened: there is a family that we
have grown very close to, the Sharmas. Sister Sharma is a Kiribati
woman who served her mission here in Fiji back in 09 or so. With
Brothers Crump, Matheson, and Engel (noqu qase ni vuli mai na MTC).
Back then she was called Sister Bakaua. Her husband, brother Sharma,
is an Indian man from here who is a convert. She didn't teach him, but
some sister missionaries that she served with did. Anyway, we always
go to their house when our dinner appointments fall through. Sister
Sharma has been ridiculously pregnant lately, and on Friday she gave
birth. So we have visited her in the (scary) hospital a couple of
times. Man, that tiny little one. They named her Abigail. It's got me
thinking about my own future. You never know, that could be me in
around five years or so. And I started thinking about those little
ones of mine, up there cheering me on. Gives me an added measure of

Um. The ward is fantastic. Just this past Sunday Sister Bechu and I
gave talks in Sacrament meeting. Let me just tell you something,
giving talks is a cinch now that I have been teaching 2-5 lessons a
day for the past month. Preparing talks, also a cinch, because of the
two or so hours a day I spend studying the scriptures. I actually
enjoyed giving my talk. It was on missionary work (lol), and I shared
Alma 31:5 and Helaman 6:37. Preaching the word, so much more powerful
than the sword. God prefers to destroy His enemies by making them His
friends, by preaching the word to them. I love it. That's something we
always say when we teach. We aren't here to force anyone. We simply
want to share. And the Spirit does it's work. And the people change
their own minds. It's beautiful.

I love the work. I love the people. I love Fiji. I miss home, but it
will all be worth it.

Love to everyone <3333
Sister Wright

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