Sunday, August 18, 2013

A new investigator

Hi All!
This week was so fast! Feels like yesterday was P-day. I have a
calendar that I check the days off of and man I can't believe how fast
time flies.
I don't have as much time, so here's the story of the week:
We have been 'teaching' this investigator, whose name is Ali. He is an
interesting character. We started off teaching his wife, not him, and
actually avoided him, because he had a pretty bad reputation. He
mistreated his family and was involved in some pretty scary things.
But one day we went to see his wife and there he was, and he was
really interested in talking to us. His main interest was how the
church is so focused on the family. Despite the fact that he did not
treat his family very well, he recognized that changes needed to be
made, and he was willing to make them. He wanted to settle down and
have a good family life. He just didn't know where to begin. So we
started having family devotionals with them, and trying to help them
know how to treat one another. The wife was weary of the whole
situation, because she had lost all trust in him on account of the
many mistakes he had made in the past. But he listened to every thing
we said and drank it in. We couldn't teach him the actual lessons yet
because we needed to get permission to teach him from President
Klingler (he has a Muslim background), but he was already talking
about getting baptized and taking his wife to the temple (they weren't
technically married). He chose to stop drinking alcohol and smoking
pot all on his own, and was working on stopping smoking cigarettes.
Unfortunately, his wife took the kids and left last week. Since then
he has been so humbled. Every day he gets up very early and walks
around Suva, "looking for a car". He had been a taxi driver, but his
car had caught fire and he didn't have the money to repair it.
Basically, his life is in shambles. But every time we see him and
share a message with him he expresses how grateful he is that we found
him. He says that he can see that the Lord is with him. On Saturday I
convinced him to close our meeting by praying for us. He was afraid
to, but he did it, and it was an amazing experience. All of us
couldn't stop smiling afterwards. And then yesterday he came to church
and then to a fireside. The man is improving by leaps and bounds.
The whole experience reminds me of that story, about the missionary
who said that he looks at every person he meets and sees them dressed
in their baptismal whites. At first we judged Ali, and understandably
because of the way that he treated his wife. We are women and we
sympathize with her. But with the help of the gospel he has changed so
much, and I have grown to truly love him.
We start teaching him the actual lessons tomorrow. I can't wait.

I am doing well. I am learning more and more everyday. Dad will be
proud to hear that I have started keeping an extensive scripture
journal. I write down what I think about every other verse I read or
so. I feel dumb that I didn't start doing this when I started up
reading the BOM again, and only started now that I am in 3rd Nephi.
But still, I know it will be a very useful book in years to come. It
means I can't read as fast as I would like, just a couple of chapters
a day, but it will all be worth it. I cross reference stuff and it's
just great and I'm excited about it. Something I thought about, buying
a journal is an act of faith. Funny how I have bought so many journals
in my life or notebooks and never filled them. I am determined to fill
this one. It is a big hardback 400 page book.
When it comes to my companion, things will never be easy. But they
will be ok. I am learning so much. I know what kind of trainer I want
to be like based on all the things I wish were going on in my training

Gotta go!
Love you all.  Take care of each other!
Love love love,
Sister Wright

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