Monday, July 8, 2013

The Layover Phone Call

Sista Wright had a 4 hour layover at LAX on her way to Fiji on Saturday, so she called us.  Which is totally within missionary rules, although they are usually only given a 15 minute calling card.  Well, we got to talk to her for 3 hours!  I was and am so happy!  That will be the last time we get to talk to her until Christmas, so it was particularly sweet to hear her voice.  She was so happy about going to Fiji!  We asked her to speak to us in Fijian...she definitely will benefit from total immersion in the culture...but I was able to hear how the words that she uses in her letters actually sound.  Bula is actually pronounced like there is an M before the B.  Like mmbula.  All B's are like that.  A lot of the other letters are pronounced differently than in English. But she told me that she will be asking her companions, investigators, and members to only speak to her in Fijian so that she can learn it faster.  Plus, there is the added benefit of making points with the people.  She has given herself 7 months to become fluent.  Go Sista Wright!
We talked a lot about being good member missionaries, and of course she wanted to talk about all the people we know that she saw in the MTC.  She was completely blown away by the sheer numbers of missionaries.  Flooding the earth! I can't help wondering where they will all be going!
Meg's Grandma Wright said that some missionary parents who also have a son serving in Fiji, posted on their FB page that their plane landed safely (how the heck did they get that message, I'd like to know), so I know she got there, but no email yet.  I can't wait to hear from her this week. So great to finally be in the field!  I am excited for her.  I'll post her next letter as soon as I get it!

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