Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First email from Fiji

Hello my beautiful family :)
So I got a phone call from the APs today saying that President Klingler had received an email from you asking if I had made it. I'm so sorry I didn't email you before to let you know I had made it. I did ;)
I have so much to tell you but it will have to wait til next Monday, because that's when I'll have time. But I will tell you that I am serving in the Suva 1st ward, which is an English ward. My companion is Sister Bechu, who is a native Fijian. She will help me with the language. The people that we have been teaching speak a mixture of both English and Fijian, and I catch phrases here and there. They are very patient with me and love that I am trying to learn the language. The children love me because I am kai palangi.
I love Fiji. I am in the right place. I am doing the right thing. I have felt the Spirit more here than ever before in my life. Teaching is not scary. The scariest thing for me right now is talking to people out in the street. But I will. I have committed to doing it. 

I am very busy now so writing will be more limited. Except for my weekly email.
I love you all so much. Words cannot express. And I miss you, but I am not homesick. Thank you for your prayers.
Love, Sister Wright

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CHARLENE said...

It is so good to hear from you Sister Wright, I am thrilled to know you made it safe and sound to Fiji. Keep the letters coming, I love hearing from you!!!

Love, Charlene