Monday, June 10, 2013

A letter for Adam

Dear Adam:

So the MTC is crazy.  Mission life in general is crazy.  Every second of it is planned.  There is no time to spare, especially if you are learning a language.  By 10:30 at night, you are exhausted, and then it seems like you've been sleeping for 5 minutes and then suddenly its 6:30.  The showers are jam packed and there are usually lines to use them.  Sometimes the drains are clogged.  The food is cafeteria food, which can be both good and bad.  You are surrounded by good-looking people that you can't check out.  If you flirt, you can get sent home.  Elders have to make sure to wear a full suit when they go to meetings, not put their hands in their pockets when they speak, stand up when they shake a leader's hand, and never say "you guys".  On Sundays we all have to have a 5-7 minute talk prepared, and then the branch president randomly calls two or three people to speak.  There is no free time for a nap.  There is no time for naps.  You are generally exhausted and always stressed.


You LOVE it.  Your zone becomes your best friends.  Your district becomes your family. Your teachers become your parents.  You laugh until your sides hurt and then laugh some more.  Gym time is  SO FUN.  I always run a couple of miles and then play volleyball with my best friends.  Everyone loves you, even if you are annoying.  The Spirit is so thick you could cut it with a knife, not that you would, haha.  Going to the temple is the best part of the week, because, duh, its the temple, but also you get to walk off the campus!  Which is great when you are in one place almost 24/7.  Getting letters and packages are the best.  P-day is the best day ever.  You CAN take a nap on P-day!  You teach investigators lessons, and eventually they commit to baptism, and the feeling you get from that commitment is SO SATISFYING!  When you learn to bear your testimony in another language, you stop random Elders and Sisters to share it with them, and they are amazed with you.  :)  When you learn to say a prayer in your language, you marvel at how the Lord can understand you even if you butcher it.  :)  You learn to love being a missionary.  :)

I am telling you these things because I want you to be aware of what it means to be a missionary.  It's not all fun and games.  It is HARD.  But Adam, it is SO WORTH IT!  Prepare yourself, bub.  You're going to be a great missionary.

Au Lomani Iko!
Sista Wright

P.S.  Write to me gosh dang it.  Or Else.

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Laura said...

Au Lomani Iko means I love you. :)